Wednesday, October 2, 2013

18 months with Brady

We're closer to 19 months than 18..I'm behind as usual. Brady has been busy this month. He's growing like a weed and changing so much. He's so funny and such a joy to be around. It makes my heart happy to watch him just be him. He seriously lights up a room. He's a natural at making people smile. I have people come up to me all the time talking about how funny he is...he got the best personality.
*He's a very healthy boy.
*He weighs 24lbs (45th percentile)
*He's 32 1/4 in. tall (he's finally out of the 10th percentile, he's in the 38th percentile now, YAY!)
*He's talking a lot more.
*I think his favorite word is bye-bye.
*He runs everywhere.
*He can say touchdown & hold his arms up in the touchdown position.
*We're teaching him to say trick or treat...He's getting pretty good at it.
*He smiles and laughs all the time.
*He's a pro at sleeping.
*He's down to 1 nap a day, he usually sleeps for 3 hours, which is very nice.
*He loves to take showers with Steven.
*He always wants to be outside. It's nice that it's starting to cool off.
*He still climbs on everything.
*He's learned to take his clothes off all by's so funny to find him naked.
*He doesn't like to sit quietly in church. He'd rather be screaming and running around. But he loves Sunday school.
*He can give High 5s
*He is excellent at saying thank you.
*He says moooo.
*He loves Mexican food.
My goal is to try to get him to start feeding himself. I don't like the idea of cleaning up a huge mess all the time, but, life will be much easier when he can feed himself and eat while we eat.

We're having so much fun with him. I can't believe he's already half way through his 2nd year! Time please slow down!