Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quints - 11 Month Pics

Brady is less than 1 month until his 3rd birthday. And, he's starting to want his picture taken so I have to share with everyone!





Brant kept pulling at his sticker.

Quints - 11 Months

A part of me is so happy that these monthly posts about the quints is almost over, it's such a chore to write about what 5 babies are doing every month, but I did it for Brady, so I'm determined to do it for them too, and I know I'll be so happy I did in a few years when I need to be reminded who did what and when. On the flip side, it saddens me that this first year of their life is coming to a quick end. I'm still going to post about what they're up to, because this is my journal about our lives and I know where I can go to refresh my memory about certain events, but I won't go so in-depth  each month.

The babies are growing up so fast. Everyone except Tessa is crawling, those four that are crawling are also pulling up, poor little Tessa is just too lazy. I truly think she can do everything the others can do, she just doesn't want to put forth the effort. They are all so funny. They will fight over toys, it seems they always want what the others want. They love to explore and are not scared to crawl into a dark room. They all five adore Brady. They laugh so hard at him and he's (Brady) actually starting to have a lot more to do with them. All the babies love to have lots of attention. It's a good thing we have such a big, supportive, and loving family. They were all really sick with the stomach virus a little over a week ago. That 2 weeks that all 8 of us had the stomach virus were the hardest weeks we've had thus far as a family of 8. Words can't express just how ready I am for warm spring weather. I'm starting (and Brady too) to get cabin fever. It's so tough to be locked inside for so long. But, there are so many people who are sick right now, so staying inside is the only option, if we want to stay healthy. They babies enjoy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They are eating baby food well. They're starting to get more vocal. All the babies get occupational therapy and physical therapy twice a week. All the girls get speech therapy twice a week as well. So, needless to say, its always busy around here. They aren't all sleeping through the night yet; most of them are doing a lot better, but when you have 5 babies, one of them is bound to be up at some point during the night, which makes it hard on us. I'm so thankful my sweet friend, Shelley, still comes twice a week and lets us sleep. And her sweet daughter, Sarah, has started staying some, so some weeks, we get 3 nights of good sleep. All the babies, except Rayleigh, have 2 teeth. We still don't have a set nap time, but that's something I'm hoping we can work on and start incorporating into our day. Right now, the babies usually sleep during their feeds (when the girls are hooked up to their feeding tubes). All 4 girls still have their feeding tubes.  Brant, Mia, and Rayleigh all have tubes in their ears now. And since all three of them got the tubes they've slept so much better at night.
Gracie, Rayleigh, Mia, & Tessa

Brant in the middle

Now all 6!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Steven and I had big plans to leave town for a day to spend Valentine's Day together. It was going to be kid-free 24 hours. We were going to go to Dallas, eat, maybe shop a little, get massages, and sleep!!! However, the stomach virus interrupted our plans. The quints were all sick, Steven was sick, and there was no way we could leave under those circumstances. And, to top the day off, we ended up in the ER with Brant. He had so much diarrhea that we were scared he was going to get dehydrated. Thankfully he was okay and we were able to come back home after 2 hours in the ER.

Despite the babies still being under the weather, I was able to capture a few pictures of them dressed in their Valentine's outfits. They were cute even though some of them were still feeling yucky.

Cupid brought us a new pet fish.

Meet Nemo



Not every picture can be a smiling picture. lol




My boys wouldn't stay put.

Oh the joys of trying to get 6 kids to cooperate.

Looks like Tessa and Brady are in deep conversation.

Brant's had enough...he's ready to run away.

I did manage to make some Valentine's cupcakes.

This is how we roll...lol.
I don't make too big of a deal out of Valentine's Day. I feel if you love someone, you should tell them and show them every day. I'm so thankful God blessed me with this big, wild, and crazy family of mine. My life is filled with so much love and joy.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mom's Don't Get Sick Days

Have you seen that commercial where the man goes to tell Dave that he's sick and he just doesn't think he can work today, then the camera changes directions and you see that he's talking to his baby boy? I just love that commercial, it's so creative. Well, the past 2 weeks, I've felt that's dad's pain. And I can't tell you how bad I've wanted to take a "sick day".

The stomach virus has hit our house hard! It's mean and vicious and attacks any and everyone! Last Monday, Brady started running fever. I tried to keep him away from the babies as much as possible. During the night, he continued to run fever, so Tuesday morning I took him to the doctor. He was tested for flu and strep; thankfully, both came back negative. It was just a virus that had to run it's course. Later that day, he started having diarrhea. And.it.was.BAD!!!!! The smell was horrible! He was a sick kid for about 2-3 days. Then it was over. Thursday, Gracie started feeling bad and having stomach issues. Well, Friday I started feeling yucky, but I was able to keep from getting sick. However, Sunday night, it hit me pretty hard. Thankfully, Steven stayed home Monday and let me rest (so I guess I did get a mama sick day). By Tuesday, all the babies were sick! All five of them were vomiting, had diarrhea, were running fever, and overall very fussy. This past Tuesday was by far the hardest day we've had since the babies have been home from the NICU. It was nonstop sickness, cleaning up, and laundry all day long!!! Talk about wearing a mama out. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have so much help, probably go crazy, it honestly took 3 people at a time to keep up with everything that was going on. I took Gracie to the doctor Wednesday and he said they had the Rota virus and that it could last several days. Not what I wanted to hear! Thursday, it attacked it's last victim, Steven. I'm hopeful and praying that it's almost over. Everyone is feeling much better, Brant is still dealing with some diarrhea (we took him to the ER Saturday night because we were worried he was dehydrated, thankfully he wasn't).
Gracie (l) & Tessa (r) 

Gracie dressed and looking cute for a doctor's appointment.

Brant was wrapped up like a burrito at the ER. They had to draw blood and this was the best way to hold him still. 

By Sunday (yesterday) they were starting to play again.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brady loves Paula

Brady attended Paula's No Mo Chemo Party and I think these pictures of him are just too darn cute not to share. It's so hard to get a good picture of Brady these days, so when I do, I want to share them with the world. Paula got Brady his Team Paula shirt and by the looks of it, he'll be able to wear it until he's 7!
He loved Ms Melissa's cupcakes; he probably ate 4 or 5 of them (icing only).

This picture cracks me up, you never know what you're going to get  him to do. Even though he doesn't look like he's got legs, I think he's so cute!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quints- 10 month pics

Of course, I'm late about posting pics of the quints, but I guess it's better late than never. I took the pics on time, I'm just late getting them loaded on here. I can't believe we're just days away from 11 months! It really doesn't seem possible.




She makes the funniest faces.