Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hump Day Humor

Hey Y'all!!! Hope you're having a great's a few pictures to put a smile on your face!
He's such a precious little guy...Just love my sweet baby boy.
Tessa giving Mia a piggy back ride (or something like that).
We met the Easter Bunny....and tears!
Visiting with Paula is always a fun treat!

Paula read books to the quints.

The Easter Bunny remembered us this year...we're going to have some fun this summer...hopefully the backyard will dry out by then..we got another round of rain this afternoon to make it wet again.
Ms. Holly Boo & Brady Boo

A wink from this little stud muffin.


Gracie & Rayleigh

Brady loves utters.

Tessa is one cool girl.

My sleeping angel.

Sharing a cup of water.

Gracie little beauty!

These two are a little lot cray-cray. lol

Brady says hi.

Mia driving her daddy's old tractor.

We were outside playing when Steven drove up and all the girls jumped in and helped him pull in the driveway. They had the best time.

Happy girls.

Look at that smile on Mia's face.

That's all folks! Be blessed!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Brady's Field Trip: Ag Barn

Today Brady's class took a field trip to the Ag barn to learn all about where milk comes from. My Aunt Marty took the quints to therapy for me so I was able to devote all my attention to Brady. He had a fun time. He learned about different cows that produce the milk we drink, how the cows are milked, and we made butter. Here's a look at some of the fun things they got to do.

My big guy.
He's so spoiled...just had to sit in Ms. Holly's lap.

Learning how to hook up a cow to milk it.

Milking a cow with his hands.
Apparently he enjoyed milking the cow so much he wouldn't take his hands off the utters.
All I could do was shake my head...

Group picture with Brady still "milking" the cow.

Making butter
Shake, shake, shake..

Didn't take long before he'd had enough.
The final product...cinnamon butter. And it actually was tasty.
But of course he wouldn't try it on toast.
Petting the fluffiest bunny I've every seen.

We had a good time and I am so glad I got to spend some one-on-one time with my big guy...I know it's so important to do that from time-to-time.
Be blessed!

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