Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cowboy/Cowgirl Party Part 2

Welcome back y'all. Today I'm going to show you all the pictures from our cowboy/cowgirl party. We had a blast and I'm so thankful everything went as well as it did. And a special thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us, you all made our day that much more special!
Janna & Rayleigh



Mia & Tom (aka McCall)

I finally got my hands on this sweet boy!

Papa Berney

Gracie & Shelley

 My friend, Julie Hawkins, got all the quints a birthday knife for their first birthday. We will use their knives to cut all their birthday cakes and someday they will use their knife to cut their wedding cake.
Tessa cutting the cake with her birthday knife.





Kris & Rayleigh

Kris, R, & Jadyn

Singing happy birthday and blowing out candles.

Of course, Brady's favorite part was opening gifts.

Happy Birthday sweet babies of mine.

Kris, Tessa, Kayla

Brant & Nana
That's all folks! We had a wonderful birthday and this mama is glad she only has to do it once a year! :)
Be blessed!

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