Friday, July 26, 2013

Orange Beach, AL 2013

We took Brady on his first vacation this past week. We drove 11.5 hours to Orange Beach, AL. The drive was long, real long. For the most part Brady did well in the car. However, on the way back home, he cried and screamed the last two hours in the car. Home never looked so good after such a long & rough two hours. While in Alabama we mostly played at the beach. I love the beach, it's so peaceful and relaxing, however, when you take a 16 month old to the beach, it becomes work and not relaxing! Brady loved the sand and water. He was fearless. He would take off running to the water, we'd have to take off after him. The waves were will big while we were there so we were a nervous wreak about him being in the water. My sister & nephew, Kristian & Gavin, went with us. We had so much fun.

Steven chasing Brady. This is pretty much how the whole vacation went. lol

My baby sis, Kristian

Playing with my baby boy.

It was windy = bad hair day. Brady was cutting teeth= cranky kid.

I'm so thankful for my family!

Love these two guys with all my heart!

I love Brady's expression in this pic.


Brady was not a happy camper.

Loving on Gavin

So blessed that I get to hold this guy's hand for the rest of my life.


Cousin love

I am one blessed girl!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

16 months with Brady

Time keeps ticking…and my little boy keeps growing up on me. This past month has been full of little accidents that kept us busy. Brady burnt his hand, got pink eye, and came down with an ear infection all within the same week. Thankfully, he’s doing much better now. Summer is in full swing and is hot, so we’re staying inside more than Brady would like but I don’t want him getting sun burnt or to overheat so we wait until late in the evening to go play outside. Here’s what Brady’s been up to lately.
*He still weighs 23 pounds.
*He is happy, happy, happy (most of the time).
*He’s very fast, especially when he’s trying to get away from you.
*He hates it when I try to hold him and make him be quiet (especially in church). We have to leave on a frequent basis with him.
*He has the funniest laugh.
*He’s obsessed with yogurt.
*Overall, he’s a pretty good eater. He’s even drinking milk with some of his meals (he hasn’t been drinking milk much).
*He’s still Mr. Social.
*He loves to say hi and bye over and over again.
*He’s really tough, he hardly ever cries when he injuries himself.
*He can say a few words, but really isn’t talking well yet.
*He loves to show people his boo-boo on his hand. I tell people he’s milking it for all it’s worth.
*He still has blond hair and blue eyes.
*He has most of his teeth, he’s only missing his eye-teeth.
*He gives open mouth kisses; they are wet and juicy.
*He plays with his trucks, buses, tractors, and anything else that’s on wheels. It’s so funny to see him pushing his toys around.
*He still likes to climb on everything. The other day, we looked up and he was on our kitchen table eating his yogurt. He scares me to death.

This has been an uneventful month in terms of his development. I am noticing that he understands spoken language a whole lot better than his vocabulary lets him convey. I’m also noticing that he’s noticing everything we do and say. If he has a key, he tries to put it in the door to open it. If he has a cell phone, he puts it to his ear and says hello. It’s the simple things like that, that really amaze me. He’s truly like a little sponge, soaking in everything that’s happening around him. He can be a little toot sometimes, he’s very hardheaded and stubborn but then he can turn around a be the sweetest angel. I love him so much, even when he’s being a little stinker.
If you're a mom to a very active little boy, you might want to invest in lots of First Aid supplies. I promise you'll need it!

Can't believe he's already 16 months.

Hugging on daddy. He loves his daddy!!

Running away from us.

If he's in the mood to be still, he loves books. Otherwise, he likes to eat books.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pink eye & Independence Day

So Tuesday, Brady burnt his hand and took his first trip to the ER. Well, Wednesday he woke up and I noticed that his eye looked red, but I figured it was how he had laid on it the night before. Well, as the day went on, his eye got worse and started matting up. So, I took him to the after hours clinic and he had pink eye! Poor baby, he had a rough 2 days!

Our Independence Day was very low key since Brady was a little under the weather. We went to my step-dad's mother's house for lunch, then we came home and took a little nap. That evening we took the boat to the lake and took a little ride, then we visited my grandmother. So, we didn't do anything exciting or extravagant, but we were together and I can't ask for anything better! So thankful for the freedoms I enjoy every day thanks to so many brave men and women. God bless the USA!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1st Trip to ER with Brady

Every mother's worst nightmare has to be their child getting hurt. I've said it several times, "I can't believe we haven't already had to take Brady to the ER for something." Well, yesterday it finally happened.

I have been working out with my cousins and we meet at my grandmother's house and run down the farmed market roads. While I'm running and working out my aunt and grandmother watch Brady. Yesterday, my aunt and Brady followed us while we ran, on a four-wheeler. Brady loves to ride anything! He was in hog heaven. After we got back, Chayce, Kara, and I went in the house to do some exercises while Brady stayed outside with my aunt, grandmother, and Gavin. That's when he touched the hot four-wheeler with his right hand. I didn't think anything of it when Marty brought him in but when he kept crying I knew he was really hurt, Brady hardly ever cries over being hurt. So we tried to put ice on him, he wouldn't have anything to do with that. We tried putting his hand in water, he wasn't having that either. We put ointment on him and he'd just rub it off. Finally, I took him home hoping he'd settle down in the car and take a nap, that didn't happen either. So, after about 20 - 30 minutes of straight crying I started to get worried. I called his doctor and left a message. Then I called my cousin's wife, who is a nurse in the ER, and she said to bring him in and she'd take care of him. My doctor's nurse said the same thing, so I headed to the ER. By the time I got there, Steven had already filled out all the paperwork, he met us there from his work, so we basically went straight to a room. Devin, our cousin/nurse, took such good care of Brady. The doctor came in and said it was a second degree burn and that he'd be fine. They also gave him so pain meds, but by the time they actually administered the meds, Brady had fallen asleep. He did really well while Devin dressed his hand and was happy by the time we walked out the door. He came home and took a 2-3 hour nap and woke up being his usual happy self. He plays and uses his hurt hand, he runs around like nothing happened. He's one tough kid!

The hard part now is going to be to keep the dressing on his hand and keep it from getting infected. I sure hope he'll cooperate and it'll heal up soon. It broke my heart to see him in such pain. I know he's going to get hurt lots of more times in his life, but there's nothing worse than watching your baby be in pain and not being able to help.
He really blistered up good.

He tries to bite the blisters.

All bandaged up.

Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013

Oh June, where did you go? It really feels like I blinked twice and it's already July! I wish I had a special remote to make July pass by in slow motion.

June was a good and busy month. School ended the first week, then we had VBS, and Steven & I took our trip to NYC. I've really enjoyed all my extra time with Brady. He's so much fun and every day is an adventure with him.

Here's some pictures to give you a visual of what we've (Brady) been up to!
He loves to climb on our bed and play with any electrons he can get his hands on (phone, answering machine, alarm clocks, remote, etc). Love his Dallas Cowboy pj's his Nana got him.

He insists on feeding himself now. I'm glad he wants to do it and I really want him to learn how to do it, but man, he makes the biggest mess!!!

He has no problems letting you know when he's not happy.

He loves to pull all his toys out and leave the living room a mess!

He's a champ at napping!

He's discovered the joy in playing with trucks!

He loves to ride in Pap's blue truck.

He was watching daddy mow the lawn in this pic.

What's summer with out swimming? Brady loves his cousins and enjoys it when they come over to swim with him.
 Well, guess that's a rap on June! Hello July!!!