Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013

Oh June, where did you go? It really feels like I blinked twice and it's already July! I wish I had a special remote to make July pass by in slow motion.

June was a good and busy month. School ended the first week, then we had VBS, and Steven & I took our trip to NYC. I've really enjoyed all my extra time with Brady. He's so much fun and every day is an adventure with him.

Here's some pictures to give you a visual of what we've (Brady) been up to!
He loves to climb on our bed and play with any electrons he can get his hands on (phone, answering machine, alarm clocks, remote, etc). Love his Dallas Cowboy pj's his Nana got him.

He insists on feeding himself now. I'm glad he wants to do it and I really want him to learn how to do it, but man, he makes the biggest mess!!!

He has no problems letting you know when he's not happy.

He loves to pull all his toys out and leave the living room a mess!

He's a champ at napping!

He's discovered the joy in playing with trucks!

He loves to ride in Pap's blue truck.

He was watching daddy mow the lawn in this pic.

What's summer with out swimming? Brady loves his cousins and enjoys it when they come over to swim with him.
 Well, guess that's a rap on June! Hello July!!!

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