Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tessa - 6 Months

Tessa is a little sweetheart. She loves to cuddle. She's still our biggest baby, weighing in at 13lb 11oz. She's got blue eyes and I'm not sure what color her hair is going to be since she doesn't have much of it. She has the biggest smile and she's always sticking out her tongue. She's drooling a lot these days, I'm wondering if she's trying to cut a tooth. She is a good natured baby, but doesn't like it when you put her down. She likes to be held. She's getting stronger and doing so well meeting her developmental goals. She holds her head up really well, turns over, tracks things with her eyes, brings her hands to midline, and grabs at things. She's also doing really well taking her bottle. There's been a few times lately when she's finished her whole bottle and hasn't needed to be fed by the g-tube. She's suppose to go to the GI doctor in a few weeks to have her g-tube changed out.
Happy 6 Months Tessa!

Mia- 6 Months

Mia has the most precious grin. Even when she's sick, she will still flash that beautiful smile of hers. She is a sweet baby, very interactive, and usually easy going. However, when she's upset, she's upset, and it takes a little work to get her to calm down. She's holding her head up well, tracking well, and grabbing at objects well. She's getting more strength. She gets OT twice a week and it's really helping her. She's now 11lb 14oz, and she's still the smallest baby. Her eyes are greenish-blue, I feel like they'll end up being hazel like Steven's eyes. She has brown hair and it's getting thicker and longer. She isn't spitting up as much as she was, thank the Lord. The past couple of days, she's been taking her bottle much better.
Last week, all of the babies had a virus. Mia ended up in the ER two mornings, the second trip to the ER, the doctors decided to keep her and watch her. She's now much better. This Thursday, I'm taking her to her ENT specialist in Dallas to see about her airway. I'm anticipating another surgery to have her airway stretched very soon. Please say some extra prayers for Mia.
Happy 6 Months Mia!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Quints: 6 Months!!!

Seriously, someone pinch me, my babies are half a year old! Only 6 more months until they are ONE!!! I can't believe how fast these past 6 months have gone. They've grown and changed so much since their first days in the NICU. All of them are between 11 to 13 pounds now. They're starting to get little fat rolls. They are happy babies. They all have the sweetest smiles and are getting close to laughing. They're getting better about holding their heads up, are tracking objects well, and trying to grab at toys. They are somewhat mobile now, while lying on their backs they'll kick their  legs and move backwards. We really have to watch the girls when they are eating through the g-tube because they'll scoot away...pulling on the cord. They love to watch tv. They're in size 2 diapers and starting to wear size 6 month clothes. They really are sweet babies and I seriously think they get cuter everyday (I'm only a little bias).
There aren't enough words in the English language to express how thankful I am for all my sweet kiddos. Brady is a ring-tail tooter and keeps me on my toes. He is always making me smile and laugh. He's getting a little more interested in the quints, I'm sure when they can move around and interact a little more he'll have a little more to do with them. Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, and Rayleigh are precious gifts from God. It was this time last year that we found out I was pregnant...we just weren't sure how pregnant at the time. It was a  crazy time in our lives and we were so scared about our future. Thankfully, God blessed us with five beautiful babies. I'm beyond thankful for my big family!

Fun Quint Facts:
I do at least 2 loads of baby laundry each day.
I cut at least one kid's fingernails each day.





(From L to R) M, T, B, G, R

Gracie & Tessa


(L to R) G, T, R, M



Gracie and Gavin

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fun at the Fair

Yesterday we took Brady to the Four States Fair. It was a beautiful day. He enjoyed looking at the farm animals, riding rides (he was fearless), and of course eating cotton candy. I felt like a kid again because I rode all the rides with him. I sure do enjoy our fun outings together. I can't imagine how crazy it'll be in a few years when all 8 of us go to the fair!
There were farm animals..

and pig races...
and food & lemonade...

and rides!!!

Gavin and Kristian went with us.

A funnel cake with my sweetie! Life is good!!!

Oh how I love this guy..

Trying to get a family pic...

He was one very tired little boy!
Fun family time at the fair! Oh how I love you Fall!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

F is for Fall

When I think of fall, I think of football, the fair, funnel cakes, and fun. It's not technically fall yet, but at the Seals house, we are ready. I got all my fall decorations out and decorated the house over Labor Day weekend. I enjoy my fall decorations, I really like all the gold, orange, and red colors. I love football, especially our Maud Cardinals. And the fair is in town this week! I've been dreaming and craving a funnel cake since last year when I was pregnant with the quints and that's probably the first place we'll visit when we go. And the weather is starting to get a little cooler, I am excited!

Here's a little look around our house..... Happy Fall Y'all!!!
Our dinning room table

The table in our entry hall.

Our mantle

We sure have a lot to be thankful for this year!

Fall means Halloween, so here's a few Halloween decorations.

One of my students gave me this last year, it's made out of a coffee can. Love it!