Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tessa - 6 Months

Tessa is a little sweetheart. She loves to cuddle. She's still our biggest baby, weighing in at 13lb 11oz. She's got blue eyes and I'm not sure what color her hair is going to be since she doesn't have much of it. She has the biggest smile and she's always sticking out her tongue. She's drooling a lot these days, I'm wondering if she's trying to cut a tooth. She is a good natured baby, but doesn't like it when you put her down. She likes to be held. She's getting stronger and doing so well meeting her developmental goals. She holds her head up really well, turns over, tracks things with her eyes, brings her hands to midline, and grabs at things. She's also doing really well taking her bottle. There's been a few times lately when she's finished her whole bottle and hasn't needed to be fed by the g-tube. She's suppose to go to the GI doctor in a few weeks to have her g-tube changed out.
Happy 6 Months Tessa!

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