Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mia- 6 Months

Mia has the most precious grin. Even when she's sick, she will still flash that beautiful smile of hers. She is a sweet baby, very interactive, and usually easy going. However, when she's upset, she's upset, and it takes a little work to get her to calm down. She's holding her head up well, tracking well, and grabbing at objects well. She's getting more strength. She gets OT twice a week and it's really helping her. She's now 11lb 14oz, and she's still the smallest baby. Her eyes are greenish-blue, I feel like they'll end up being hazel like Steven's eyes. She has brown hair and it's getting thicker and longer. She isn't spitting up as much as she was, thank the Lord. The past couple of days, she's been taking her bottle much better.
Last week, all of the babies had a virus. Mia ended up in the ER two mornings, the second trip to the ER, the doctors decided to keep her and watch her. She's now much better. This Thursday, I'm taking her to her ENT specialist in Dallas to see about her airway. I'm anticipating another surgery to have her airway stretched very soon. Please say some extra prayers for Mia.
Happy 6 Months Mia!!!!

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