Friday, September 5, 2014

1st Month Home

September 1st marked our first full month home as a family of eight. It has been a wonderful experience, full of lots of learning experiences, love, happiness, and smiles. It has also been full of laundry, poop, vomit, doctors visits, a visit to the ER & unexpected surgery, and late nights. I'm so thankful all our babies are healthy and home. They have grown so much and are changing everyday. I'm amazed at the progress they've made. Brady has done pretty good adjusting to his big brother role. He still doesn't understand that the quints are ours and they're not going anywhere. Recently, he has been asking to hold Brant and just last night I walked into the living room and he was trying to pick Brant up out of his bouncy seat. Thank the Lord he was buckled in so he couldn't go anywhere. If you point to a baby and ask Brady who it is, he will almost always say Mia. It's always busy and hectic around here, but what do you expect with 6 little kids!
Mr. Cool

Brant wasn't enjoying his ride with Dad.

Mia & Brady watching Thomas the Train on the Kindle.

Sweet Rayleigh 

Brady loving on Brant

Mia loving on Great Grandma

This is how Rayleigh sleeps

Tessa & Gracie sleeping... Gracie cracks me up sleeping with her hands behind her head. Brady does the same thing.
I feel so blessed these days. I can't thank God enough for all the many blessings in my life.

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