Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boston 2011

So last Tuesday my hubby & I set off for our summer 2011 vacation! We drove to Dallas and stayed the night with our wonderful friends Paula & Dave. We got up at 4am Wednesday morning to make it to the airport. After we arrived in Boston, we settled into the hotel and set out to see Boston. Wednesday was mostly sight seeing. Thursday we took a trolley ride around Boston & took a boat ride around Boston Harbor. We also took a tour of Fenway Park. Friday we did more sight seeing and that night we went to a Boston Red Sox game! It was so much fun. Saturday we rented a car and drove up to Maine. Saturday turned out to be the most interesting day of the vacation because we couldn't find a hotel to stay at in Maine. We drove all the way up to Portland, ME and were still unable to find a place to stay so we had to drive back down to some small town outside of Boston before we finally found a place with a room. It was 1:20am!!! Sunday we drove to Plymouth, MA and toured around the town. Then Monday we went back to Boston for the last day. We had an awesome vacation!!! I'm so glad we were able to get away and spend some time alone!!! I can't wait to our next adventure!!!

Boston Harbor

Swan boat ride at the Boston Commons

Fenway Park

Lighthouse in Maine

My handsome driver

The love of my life!

OGO- Project #2

So I have recently realized that I only have 2 weeks of summer left! So on top of being sad that I'm about to have to go to work, I'm also feeling pressured to get all my Operation Get Organized projects completed before I go back to work & college!

We went on vacation (Boston) this past week...I'll post on that later. We got home Tuesday. So now I'm trying to make myself get busy around the house. Thursday night Steven was mowing so I decided it wouldn't look too good if I just sat in the house and watched tv while he worked. So, I got up and started looking through my medicine cabinets (I had 11 storage containers of medical supplies). I went through them all and disposed of all the meds that were out of date and reorganized what was still good. It took a few hours but it was so worth it because now it's all organized (for now) and I'm very happy!

Next pantry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Operation Get Organized- project #1

Operation Get Organized (aka: OGO) has officially began. I started with my office, because it needed the most work.

I started with my massive collection of magazines. I hate to get rid of my magazines, but as you can tell, my collection got totally out of control. So I went through every magazine, found the pages that had something that I liked & tore those pages out...then got rid of the magazine.

Now this is much better...

I also organized my desk & rearranged some office furniture.

And after:

I still have a lot of work to do, but at least I've started!!!