Saturday, February 13, 2016

Home Tour: The Boys' Nursery

Welcome back! Today I'm going to show you the nursery for our two little boys.

During my pregnancy with Brady, I knew at 18 weeks that I was having a little boy. I was so excited. But I had no direction on how I wanted to decorate his nursery. One day, while looking around at Hobby Lobby I saw the cutest fishing/nautical decorations. Steven loves to fish and I knew fishing would be something my two guys would do a lot of in the future so that's what I went with. Steven painted the walls, we went with a khaki color with one blue stripe, the bedding was neutral because I wanted it to be able to go with anything. Steven's parents bought the furniture from Target and my sisters bought us the rocker (also from Target).

I LOVE the boys' room! It's not too babyish yet it's geared towards kids. We knew we wanted another baby after Brady was born and I had the room situation all worked out in my head. If our second child was a boy, then I was going to move Brady out of the nursery and put baby boy #2 in the already up and running nursery. For Brady, I was going to do his big boy room in vintage cars and airplanes. Hobby Lobby has so many cute things I could have used, it was going to be so cute. Now, had baby #2 had been a girl, I was going to leave Brady in his room and turn the second bedroom into a little girl paradise. BUT, we all know how the story really went... Instead of getting baby #2, we got babies #2,3,4,5,&6!!!!! God looked at all my big plans and laughed; He had something much bigger and grandeur in store for us.  So with the addition of quints, all my plans for the house was out the window. The spare bedroom did end up being a girl room for FOUR! The boy nursery is still in existence, for Brant, not Brady. And we had to convert our office into Brady's new room.

I'm so thankful my plans didn't work out. God blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. When we first found out about the quints I didn't think we could all fit into our 2,000 square foot house with 3 bedrooms and two baths, but we do! And at the moment, we're all jealous of Brant because he's got his own closet and big bedroom all to himself. He better enjoy it while it lasts! ;)

Shelley painted Brant's (and Brady's) letters to match the bedding perfectly.
Brant is the only person in the house who has a closet all to himself.
Lucky kid!
I've rocked my boys many nights in this is so comfy.
My friend Cathy had pillows made for all the quints. I love how it has all their stats. 

Books, books, and more books

My friend Jessica painted this picture frame to match Brant's room.

Another special painting by the lovely, Shelley Jennings.

I love this bedding because it can go with any theme/decorations.
When the boys were tiny, I used the top of the dresser to double as a changing table. It worked perfectly and saved both on space and money!!!!
Now that the boys are too old & big for a changing table I get to decorate this area.

Love these two little guys. 

Thanks for stopping by!! See you next week when we tour Brady's new room.
Be blessed!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Brady's Valentine's Party

Brady's class celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday. I just love his little class and both his wonderful teachers. I think everyone enjoyed the party....take a look!

Brady & his partner in crime...Knox.

Trying to get a picture with this crazy kid is almost impossible.

I love my card he made for me.
Brady's awesome teachers: Ms. Kay & Ms. Holly

Silly boy

So Brady gave both his teachers a photo Valentine card & flowers.
Trust me, his teacher deserve lots and lots of flowers for putting ups with teaching my strong-willed child.
These are the cookies my friend Sandi Neal made for Brady to give to his classmates.
I attached a card that said, "You are the milk to my cookie."
Brady brought home lots of cute gifts from his class mates.

From Coco

Reading through his Valentine cards and eating the candy that came with most of them. 
Silly boy.

Showing off his blue tongue.
Thank you to my amazing Aunt Marty for taking the quints to therapy so I could attend Brady's party. It would be a tight fit to take them all with me and I wouldn't be able to focus on Brady. I'm thankful God has given me a big family that loves to help me out whenever there's a need.
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Be blessed!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hump Day Humor

Hi there! I guess you've stopped by to see what crazy things the Six Sweet Seals are up to this week??? Well here we go!  :)

Brady is modeling his tattoos on his hands.

Mia is all comfy in a box.

Sleeping beauty AKA Rayleigh

Mia & Rayleigh


Back to my old habits of painting my nails in the car.
Red for Valentine's Day.  
Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, & Rayleigh
Modeling their homemade Valentine outfits.
Rayleigh modeling and showing off her sweet smile.

Brant & Mia
Brant put this hand band on his head himself...I did not do this to him, I promise.

Some habits die hard...Brady is enjoying a pacifier.

Mia went missing.... She has a new hiding spot...if you find her here then you know she's doing one of two things...
1) pooping or 2) doing something she's not suppose to do.

Tessa and her triplets... I'm not the only in the family with multiples.  ;)

Beautiful smiley Tessa.
Mia loves her popsicle.
Brant looks like a vampire.
Have a great rest of the week! Be blessed!

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