Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015

So another month is in the books and I just can not believe this year is almost over. September was a little bit busier than August for us, but nothing too crazy. We have been enjoying some nice evening walks now that the weather is starting to get a little cooler in the late afternoon/evening time. So here's what we've been up to lately....

My first call of business was to decorate the house for fall. When September arrived I was ready to put all my summer decorations away and put my fall stuff out. We've had to do some rearranging with the house (you know, move furniture around because the quints try to escape and demolish the house!) so I didn't decorate as much as I normally do, but that's okay, this phase won't last forever. I love fall decorations, they make the house look very homey.
I love my mantle. 
My sweet friend McCall made this sign for me and it's just perfect. I can't think of 3 better words to describe my life.

The quints love playing in my pumpkins.
One day while Brady was still in school, the quints finished therapy early, so we went to the park for some fun.
Yes, my hands are full, but you should see my heart!   ;)
All SIX kids had their half-birthdays this month! I can't believe we have a three-and-half year old & five one-and-half year olds!
I grabbed this cake while grocery shopping. I had been craving birthday cake and I had the perfect reason to indulge.
Oh, and I'm the one who tried to write the 1/2 on the you can see, I'm no cake decorator. 
We celebrated Grandparent's Day with our wonderful family! It's always a blast to get everyone together.

The fair was in town and we took Brady again this year. It's always so nice to get away with just Brady and have fun. He had a blast and was upset when it was time to go.
You can't go to the fair without eating a Funnel Cake!!! Yummy!!
He had a blast riding the "trains" aka roller coasters. He is fearless.
The Six Sweet Seals all had a dentist appointments (6 month check ups) this month and I'm so happy to report that they all have great teeth!!!
I love our dentist office because they have fun stuff for the kids to play with in the waiting room. 

Brady was such a big boy.
We also enjoyed lunch at a local cafeteria. The kids drew lots of attention from all the customers.
We took the quints for their 18 month checkup to our Dallas Pediatrician and they are all healthy. Mia and Brant have not gained weight like we'd like, so of course that worries this mama, but overall, they are healthy and for that I am so very thankful.
Dr. Suterwala was the quints' NICU pediatrician. I'm so thankful he is still following their progress.
Brady is doing so well in school. I can't tell you how proud of him. I can tell he is learning so much. And he's finally got the hang of how to act while at school too!
He's taking his teacher's blood pressure (I suppose) and don't even ask me what the device is that's on his head.
I love that his sweet teacher is thoughtful and sends me little messages like this every-once-in-a-while.
The quints are doing well in therapy. Mia was having some attachment issues and not wanting to do anything but cry, but by the end of last week, she was doing much better.

Therapy can be so much fun...except if you're Mia. 
Steven still has a garden. He wasn't planning on growing any more watermelons, they just came up on their own. And there's a lot of them. I've been begging him for years to plant me a pumpkin patch, and he finally did. However, it hasn't rained enough to have a good harvest, but we at least do have one. Hopefully, it'll make it.

How many watermelon can you find? I found SIX! (Our lucky number) ;)
Our one little pumpkin.

We ended September with a boom! Today started off crazy. Mia vomited, so that had to be cleaned. I was holding her, trying to keep her calm so she wouldn't vomit again. All the while Tessa comes over and stands by my feet. Then Mia started vomiting again and it landed right on Tessa!! While cleaning up Mia and Tessa, Brant decides to destroy a table in his room!! Then we get to school and Brady decides to get an attitude with me and cries because he doesn't want to go to school. Just another crazy day in the life of the Seals.   ;)
Brant's room... glass shattered everywhere!!!
Well, that about sums up our September! It's been a great month and I'm so glad the weather is starting to turn cooler. Steven, Brady, & I have enjoyed several high school football games this month too. I want to take the quints to their first football game this year, but I know it's going to be a lot of work and very little football watching. We shall see if we get brave enough to bite the bullet.

Happy Fall Y'all!!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Rayleigh - 18 months

Rayleigh is my easy going, chill little girl. She's very sweet and likes to do things on her own.

Height: 30in

Developmental Accomplishments: Rayleigh walks everywhere. She's doing pretty good going up stairs. She probably has the best vocabulary out of all the quints, you just wouldn't know it because she's so quiet.

All About Rayleigh: She has dark, brown, curly hair and lots of it. Her hair is so wild. Her eyes are brown. She has chubby cheeks. She has a raspy voice. She makes the funniest faces with her eyebrows. She'll move her eyebrows all kinds of ways and it's hilarious.

Likes: Rayleigh likes to be held by mama, she's a total mama's girl.

Dislikes: She doesn't like it when strangers come up to her and try to hold her.

Food: She still uses the g-tube for liquids. We are working with her taking some liquids from a sippy cup. She's doing pretty good on eating table foods.

Personality: She's quiet and still likes to be alone. She's got a cute and funny personality and is pretty comical but just not as animated as some of her siblings who demand lots of attention. She pouts when things don't go her way. She's very sensitive.

Messy face

Climbing on the chair with Mia.

Future cheerleader

She did great at the dentist office.

Yay for no cavities! 

Playing in the waiting room.

Miss Serious

Her hair is so long that she can wear 2 ponytails. 

Sweet Rayleigh

Gracie - 18 months

Our little diva keeps us on our toes. She is full of personality and lots of fun. She is definitely the leader of the pack.

Weight: 21 lbs
Height: 31 in

Developmental Accomplishments:  Gracie is fast as lightning! She runs everywhere. She jibber jabbers all the time. She'll tell you some big stories, too bad we can understand them just yet.

All About Gracie: She has long, straight, brown hair and hazel eyes. She has the loudest shrill you've ever heard. She takes good long naps and sleeps well during the night. To me, she's the easiest of the quints because she's so independent and can do so much for herself. This girl has the longest toes I've ever seen!

Likes: She likes food! She likes to boss people around, hence, her nickname, Boss Lady. She likes to hit her siblings and head butt them as well.

Dislikes: Gracie doesn't like it when her siblings take something away from her. She is really bad about hitting and head butting when she's upset.

Food: No more tube feeds for my Gracie Lou!!! She is my little superstar when it comes to eating. She eats everything! She likes food.

Personality: She is funny and full of personality. She has the funniest laugh and loves to make you laugh. She loves to have all eyes on her. She's still our little diva and can throw some major temper tantrums. She's feisty and a bit of a daredevil, one day I caught her jumping off one of our toys. She'd jump, land, get up, and jump off again. She is very confident. She's a mess! :)
Oh my little Gracie Lou

Climbing in drawers at church.

Selfie with Makenna

Future cheerleader

Helping the dentist out...

Yay for no cavities!

She's so funny!

Love this wild girl!

Brant - 18 months

Poor little Brant is so outnumbered. The girls just push him around like a rag doll. Brant is all boy! He has the sweetest little smile that just melts my heart.

Weight: 19 lbs
Height: 29.5 in

Developmental Accomplishments:  Brant is fast as lightning. He climbs like a little monkey. You can't take your eyes off him because he'll crawl on the furniture and will get into whatever he can get his hands on. He jabbers all the time. It's so funny listening to him carry on a conversation. He is a silly little guy and can be a goofball at times.

All About Brant: He has light brown hair and hazel eyes. I keep his hair short, because if I didn't, it would be wild and everywhere. The older Brant gets, the more he reminds me of Brady. They are so much alike. Brant has the widest little feet. He screams so loud that it hurts your ears. The boy is loud when he's upset.

Likes: He likes to climb on everything. He loves to go outside. In fact, he can open the doors and go outside on his own, so we have to make sure we keep all the doors locked. He's really good about taking his medicine.

Dislikes: He hates being locked inside. He wants to roam around and get into everything and anything, so he stays upset about the fact he has to stay locked up. He doesn't like to take long naps.

Food: He is drinking up to 5-6oz. He's doing so much better eating foods with different textures.

Personality: He is very high-maintence and he's very whiny. He's a daredevil and fearless (unless he's dealing with his sisters, then he tends to backdown). He's really funny and is good at making you laugh.
1st pep rally

Just chilling.

Getting his teeth checked and cleaned.

Yay for no cavities!

Just a swingin'

Climbing like a little monkey.

So happy..

He has the most vibrant smile!

Sure love this little guy.