Monday, September 21, 2015

Tessa - 18 months

Sweet Tessa is our biggest quint, but not by much. She is a happy baby, but when she gets mad, watch out! She comes at you with her teeth.

Weight: 21 lbs.
Height: 31 in.

Developmental Accomplishments: She walks everywhere. She will also run from you. She's starting to make more sounds and some words.

All About Tessa: She has sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. She has the least amount of hair out of all the girls. She has big feet. She has a mouth-full of teeth. She is so loud. She talks loud, cries loud, and laughs loud. She has the funniest little *you caught me* grins. She loves to go outside.

Likes: She likes dancing. If a song comes on, she will start bouncing. She loves books. Her favorite toy is a book. You can usually find her walking around with a book in her hands. She likes to bite her siblings, she's probably the worst of the quints about biting.

Dislikes: Someone taking her book away. She doesn't like wearing bows in her hair.

Food: For almost a month, she has been taking all her feeds by bottle and hasn't been using her tube!!!! We are so happy about that! She is eating like a champ.

Personality: Tessa is so sweet. But she doesn't have a bit of a diva-ish streak in her. She laughs all the time. She's very funny.
Future cheerleader

Look more tube feeds!!!

She was not happy about getting her teeth cleaned and checked.

Yay for no cavities!

Selfie with mama

Snuggling with mama

My little bookworm.

Miss Smarty Pants

Happy Tessa

I just love her big, beautiful smile!

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