Monday, September 21, 2015

Gracie - 18 months

Our little diva keeps us on our toes. She is full of personality and lots of fun. She is definitely the leader of the pack.

Weight: 21 lbs
Height: 31 in

Developmental Accomplishments:  Gracie is fast as lightning! She runs everywhere. She jibber jabbers all the time. She'll tell you some big stories, too bad we can understand them just yet.

All About Gracie: She has long, straight, brown hair and hazel eyes. She has the loudest shrill you've ever heard. She takes good long naps and sleeps well during the night. To me, she's the easiest of the quints because she's so independent and can do so much for herself. This girl has the longest toes I've ever seen!

Likes: She likes food! She likes to boss people around, hence, her nickname, Boss Lady. She likes to hit her siblings and head butt them as well.

Dislikes: Gracie doesn't like it when her siblings take something away from her. She is really bad about hitting and head butting when she's upset.

Food: No more tube feeds for my Gracie Lou!!! She is my little superstar when it comes to eating. She eats everything! She likes food.

Personality: She is funny and full of personality. She has the funniest laugh and loves to make you laugh. She loves to have all eyes on her. She's still our little diva and can throw some major temper tantrums. She's feisty and a bit of a daredevil, one day I caught her jumping off one of our toys. She'd jump, land, get up, and jump off again. She is very confident. She's a mess! :)
Oh my little Gracie Lou

Climbing in drawers at church.

Selfie with Makenna

Future cheerleader

Helping the dentist out...

Yay for no cavities!

She's so funny!

Love this wild girl!

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