Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 2015

Goodbye Summer!!! Hello September. While it's not officially fall, September 1st is when I start gearing up for fall. I love this time of the year and I'm so excited for some cooler weather so we can start taking the kids out walking around the neighborhood. And of course I'm ready for some Friday Night Lights!!!! Can't wait to take all the kids to cheer on the Cardinals!

But before I get too excited and carried away with fall stuff, here's what we did in August. It was hot, but what would you expect in Texas?!? I lost most of my babysitters; everyone had to go back to work and school. August brought BIG changes for our family, Brady started school and the quints started going to the clinic for therapy.

Brady started Pre-K 3. The first week was rough in the behavior department. He ended up in the Thinking Chair 2 out of the 3 days!  :/ I was so embarrassed. The last thing I want is for him to cause all kinds of ruckus in the classroom. I'm praying he'll get the hang of it soon and will have a great year. I think he enjoys school but when I picked him up the first day, he told me he wasn't going back to that "church school" anymore. I thought that was so funny. And I'm happy to report that his second week went much better, he had two good days in a row! Things are starting to look better.     :)
1st Day of Pre-K 3!
Walking with Daddy.
I love this picture so much. 
2nd Day of Pre-K 3!!
Walking with Mama.
I hold his hand and he holds my heart!
3rd Day of Pre-K 3!!!
I get to school early so I can back my big van up and not have to worry about running over anyone. I let Brady get out of his seat and sit by me in the front seat while we wait for the doors to be unlocked. On this particular day, he got down in the floor and was hiding from me. He's too funny!
Such a big boy!
His shirt says Play Ground Legend. I'm pretty sure, recess is going to be his favorite subject!
Since Brady is in school 3 days a week and we're having to make the 30 minute commute to Texarkana to drop him off, I talked to our therapists and asked if we could start doing therapy in the clinic instead of at our house. She said yes, so after I drop Brady off at school, I take the quints to the clinic. It is working out wonderfully. Plus the quints are being challenged by all the cool stuff at the clinic.
Jumping on the trampoline. Brant wasn't too excited about it. 

Brant playing in rice.
Tessa was taking a little ride.
Mia and Ms. Mia riding on some log looking thingy.
Therapy is so much fun!
Getting used to a new schedule has been tough on the whole family!! I'm trying to take the quints' morning nap away in hopes that they'll sleep longer for their afternoon nap. It has been a struggle. They usually end up falling asleep as soon as we buckle them in the car seat after therapy. They are pretty resistant to change, but I'm not giving up yet. Needless to say, I've been exhausted lately.

We took the girls to Dallas this month to see the GI doctor. Mia did not gain weight so she is on a new formula. He bumped her up from 24 calories to 30 calories in hopes of fattening her up. So far it hasn't worked because she's sick and taking antibiotics. I think the antibiotics are upsetting her tummy because she's had diarrhea and she's vomiting after every feed. Hopefully after she finishes the antibiotics and her tummy settles down, she'll start gaining weight. Tessa is off formula and drinking PediaSure. She likes it and has been taking almost all her feeds from the bottle!! Gracie is my little rockstar, she's also on PediaSure now and taking all feeds by mouth. Rayleigh is on PediaSure now too, she's still using the tube for all feeds. We go back to the GI doctor in October.

I made a quick trip to south Texas to see my uncle get married. It was a beautiful wedding; the setting was spectacular. Travis' new wife, Brooke, looked stunning. She was so gorgeous and her wedding dress was beautiful (Travis looked pretty handsome himself!). It was so nice to get to visit with my Houston family. I don't get to see them nearly as much as I'd like.

In just two short weeks we'll be celebrating everyone's half birthday! Brady will be 3 1/2 on the 15th and the Quints will be 1 1/2 on the 18th! None of that seems possible!

I'm very proud of myself; I have already been working on getting everyone's Halloween costumes together. So far, I have 2 costumes completed and only 6 more to go, because Steven and I get in on the fun too! I can't wait for Halloween, I think our crew is going to be pretty cute and it's going to be so much fun. It'll be hard to beat our 101 Dalmatians from last year, but we shall see.....
We took the kids to watch Makenna play volleyball. 
I love this $10 sign I got at the Dollar Store. I love the beach and look forward to the day when we can take all the kids to play in the sun, sand, and ocean. But summer is over, so my pretty little sign is back in storage until next summer!
My mantel was all decorated for summer. 
Our fun handprint art that we made for my mantel for summer!
Well, that's all I have folks! August was pretty low-key. I'm hoping to have some fun adventures in September when it starts to cool off outside. Stay tuned for updates on all six kiddos; I'll do that when Brady turns 3.5 and when the Quints turn 18 months in a few weeks.  :)

For more updates and to see more pictures of our Six Sweet Seals, go to my Facebook page, Six Sweet Seals.


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