Monday, September 21, 2015

Rayleigh - 18 months

Rayleigh is my easy going, chill little girl. She's very sweet and likes to do things on her own.

Height: 30in

Developmental Accomplishments: Rayleigh walks everywhere. She's doing pretty good going up stairs. She probably has the best vocabulary out of all the quints, you just wouldn't know it because she's so quiet.

All About Rayleigh: She has dark, brown, curly hair and lots of it. Her hair is so wild. Her eyes are brown. She has chubby cheeks. She has a raspy voice. She makes the funniest faces with her eyebrows. She'll move her eyebrows all kinds of ways and it's hilarious.

Likes: Rayleigh likes to be held by mama, she's a total mama's girl.

Dislikes: She doesn't like it when strangers come up to her and try to hold her.

Food: She still uses the g-tube for liquids. We are working with her taking some liquids from a sippy cup. She's doing pretty good on eating table foods.

Personality: She's quiet and still likes to be alone. She's got a cute and funny personality and is pretty comical but just not as animated as some of her siblings who demand lots of attention. She pouts when things don't go her way. She's very sensitive.

Messy face

Climbing on the chair with Mia.

Future cheerleader

She did great at the dentist office.

Yay for no cavities! 

Playing in the waiting room.

Miss Serious

Her hair is so long that she can wear 2 ponytails. 

Sweet Rayleigh

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