Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brady - 3.5 years

I can't believe we're halfway through Brady's third year of life! The past three-and-a-half years have flown by. It's amazing how much growing and changing Brady has done. Here's a little update on our big guy.

Weight: 31 pounds
Height: 39 inches
Hair/eyes: His hair is still blonde and his eyes are blue.
Health: He is a very healthy little boy!
Physical Developments: Brady is developmentally right on track. He is fast as lightning.
Sleep: He sleeps in his room in his toddler bed, all night. He loves to snuggle with his pillow and blanket.

Brady's Favorites:
Color: Blue
Movies: Polar Express, Shark Tales, Finding Nemo, Brother Bear, Pocahontas, Up
TV shows: Thomas the Train, Bubble Guppies, Octonauts, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Hobbies: Going to Aunt Kayla's new house (just down the road), going to watch Makenna play volleyball & cheer, and Gage play football, riding on the golf cart
Friends: Gavin (cousin), Tommy (from church), Jadyn (from church)
Sayings/Words: "Here me are", "Oh, yes me are", " where's my babies", "do you hear me", "let's go to Chick-a-la", "I missed you mama", "let me tell you a secret", "hush your mouth".
Book: The Night Before Preschool
Drinks: Water with ice, orange juice, Sprite
Food: Oatmeal (blue, orange, red), yogurt, chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A, frozen pizza
Toys: trains, his stuffed monkey and bear

School: Brady has been going to school for almost a month now and he's doing pretty good. I think he's finally starting to get the hang of everything (thank you Lord).

Life as a Big Brother: Brady is a good big brother to the quints. He calls the quints "my babies". If they are asleep, he'll ask me "where's my babies?". He is also good about "alerting" me when the quints are doing something that they shouldn't be doing, like climbing on the chairs or couch. He does not like to share any of his toys with the quints and has no problem telling them to hush their mouth when they are being loud. It took a while for him to adjust to our quintvasion but I think it's finally sunk in that they are here for good. He loves them and I love to see all six of them playing together.

Biggest Accomplishment: Brady says the sweetest prayers. Every night before he goes to bed he thanks God for everything and then he thanks God for our family. His prayers melt my heart! And he has memorized 12 bible verses!!! He has a great memory and we work with him every night on reviewing the verses he has learned and teaching him new ones. Nothing in this world can make me happier than to know my little boy is learning and memorizing God's word.

He loves to be outside riding his tractor or tricycle. Anytime a family member comes to our house, he wants to leave with them. Now that my sister lives just 100 yards from us, he's always wanting to go to "Kayla's new house". He will not look at the camera when it's time for a picture. He is very stubborn and hard-headed! However, he is very sweet and loving. And he's funny and super duper cute!!!

He loves Katie!
Ready to watch some Cardinal Football!
He was a big boy and had a complete dental checkup. 
Yay for no cavities!!!!
He's very independent now. He can even get what he wants out of the refrigerator.

He's still all about trains!
From the second this little guy made his grand entrance into this world, he has brought so much love, joy, and laughter to our lives. It is truly a honor to be Brady's mama! There are no words to express how much love I have for this little boy! I'm so excited to see the young man he's going to grow up to be! Thank you God for blessing us with our sweet Brady Boo!

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