Monday, January 21, 2013

I love shots.....NOT!

Well, the saga of sinus infections continues with me. I went back to my ENT doc today, just for a follow-up, and I'm sick again. I knew I was, so I was glad to have this appointment. He came in, looked at my ears (they are good), then looked in my nose and said, "lets take a x-ray to see what your sinuses look like". So the x-ray showed what I already knew, another sinus infection. I've lost count, but I think this is around my 15th round of antibiotics in less that a year. (All my troubles started the week before Brady was born in March 2012.) So, we decided that I would start allergy shots. With spring right around the corner, I'm not going to be able to get better, that's been proven by countless rounds of antibiotics and sinus surgery. So, tomorrow, I report for my first allergy shot. I'm suppose to take 2 shots a week. I hate shots, but I really have no other choice at this point. So, please, let's all say a little prayer that this new treatment plan works!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Month with Brady

Brady- 10 months
My baby is growing up too fast!!! Lately, it seems like every day he’s doing or discovering something new. He’s getting more and more fun every day. He never ceases to amaze me.
Here’s what Brady has been up to this past month:
*He probably weighs around 21 -22lbs. I have no idea how tall he is. He hasn’t been to the doctor this month.
*He’s a good eater. He mostly eats baby food, but I’m starting to let him have a few nutritious table foods. He’s doing good at feeding himself little snacks too.
*He spits up every once-in-a-while, but we aren’t giving him any medicine for it.
*He crawls everywhere, sits up like a champ, and pulls up on everything. He can stand on his.
*He can take steps on his own. I’ve seen him take 2 steps but he’s not officially walking yet. He loves to push things around, with or without wheels. He can walk all day as long as he’s pushing something.
*He can clap & roll his hands. He loves to play Patty Cake.
*He can say da-da and yesterday he said bye-bye.
*He loves to brush his teeth.
*He can wave (when he wants to).
*He can climb!
*He’s very brave. He’ll go to anyone that holds their arms out and he’ll crawl anywhere, even dark rooms (yesterday Steven watched him crawl into our bathroom on his own and played with my brushes and pushed my chair around).
*He’s got to be the hardest kid ever to get dressed. It’s still a fight to put clothes on him. I’ve found that if I sing or play Patty Cake with him he’ll stay still long enough to put his cloths on in rather peacefully.
**He still loves to wear only sock, but I’ve decided that when we go out, he has to start wearing shoes.
* *He has 7 teeth. (3 on bottom & 4 on top)
*He is sleeping well at night. And he’ll take some really long naps sometimes (up to 2-3 hours). You know when he’s tired because he’ll pull on his ears and rub his eyes.
*It’ easy to make him laugh. He’s always happy.
* He wears 12-18 month clothes.
*He’s wearing a size 3 diaper.
*He loves his bathes. He’s in a regular bath tub now, no more baby tubs.
*He’s still attached to his pacifier.
*If he’s in the mood, he’ll play and crawl around, but if he’s not in the mood, then he’ll cry until you pick him up. I think he about drives the babysitter crazy.
*He loves to watch Wheel of Fortune! It’s the funniest thing, but he’ll stop what he’s doing to watch Wheel of Fortune.
*He is a very curios/ noisy baby. We had to put locks on all our kitchen cabinets to keep him out of stuff.
*He has the goofiest smile and expressions.
*He’s doing so well riding in the car now.
*Everyone always asks me is he always in a good mood, and he usually is. He’s getting to where he cries when you walk out of the room.
*His eyes are still blue.
*His hair is getting longer. It’s really frizzy. His hair is still very light.
*He has no problem at all with letting you know that he’s unhappy. He can throw some major fits.
*He is very impatient! He will through a major fit if you tell him no. And he’s also making the funniest face when you tell him no. He’ll open his mouth real wide like “no you didn’t”.
*He loves to look at himself in the mirror.
*He doesn’t understand the concept of sharing. If a kid has a toy & he wants it then he’s just going to snatch it away. We’re going to have to work on sharing.
*He still doesn’t cuddle until it’s bedtime. I love rocking him to sleep at night.
Here’s Brady this month.
Standing on his own. And yes, my house usually looks like a tornado has gone though it.

If though he's 10 months old....he still crosses his legs like a fetus. I love it when he lays like this...then I know he's still a baby.

He's into everything!!! (the fridge, dishwasher, and did you notice the locks on the cabinets??) We have to watch him at all times.

He did not want to cooperate for this picture. He kept going limp.

Look at that cute booty! He loves bath time. (If you're wondering, there's nothing wrong with his back...that's where the angles kissed him.)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a look back at 2012...

What a wonderful and exciting year 2012 was for us. We went from being a couple to being a family. 2012 was one of the, if not the very best years of my life. Here's a look back at our year.

I was very pregnant when 2012 rolled around. We got Brady's nursery ready.

I got bigger. My friends gave me the most wonderful baby shower. We continued to get as ready as we could for our upcoming arrival.

MARCH 2012
Brady arrived on March 15th weighing 8lb 2oz, & 21 in long. He was healthy and perfect. Brady was 2 weeks old at Easter.

APRIL 2012
We celebrated Pap, Pops, and Papa Berney's birthdays. 

MAY 2012
Steven & I both had birthdays and I was the happiest mama in the world on Mother's Day.

JUNE 2012
Summer was in full swing and I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom with my sweetheart. Steven celebrated his first Father's Day.

JULY 2012
We took our first road trip with Brady over July 4th. We went to Dallas to eat and do some shopping.

Mama had to go back to work and it was not a pretty sight! Brady did really well at Ms. Courtney's so that made it a lot easier on me to leave him. Daddy's garden was good this year...lots of tomatoes and watermelons.

Football season started so we had to cheer on the Cardinals and our Gage.

Fall had arrived and we had fun at the pumpkin patch and Brady was the cutest little frog I'd ever seen.

We had so much to be thankful at Thanksgiving this year.

Christmas time is always busy but we had a wonderful white Christmas and a great time ringing in the new year.

It's a little hard to say farewell to 2012 because it's been such a wonderful year....nevertheless, I really can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us.

Christmas Day (part 3)

On Christmas Day we invited Steven's parents and my parents over to watch Brady open his presents from Santa, then we headed to my grandparents for breakfast and presents. We got back home around 12:30 and Brady took a 3 hour nap. He was exhausted. After he woke up we went to Steven's parents for dinner and more presents. Christmas wears me out, but it was fun, and I'm so thankful that we were blessed to spend this wonderful holiday with all our family.
Brady opening his presents from Santa with the help of mom & dad.

This picture captures the joy I feel every second of the day. Every time I look at Brady, I can't help but to smile from ear to ear. My heart is so full of joy & happiness because of this little boy. A couple of Christmases ago, my heart hurt because I thought I may never get to see the joy on  my baby's face on Christmas morning. Thank the good Lord above, I was so wrong!

Our family, minus Steven.

Brady & Grandma

Everyone loves to play with Brady.

Papa loves to play in the floor with Brady.

Pap helping Brady open his presents.

Meme helping Brady unwrap presents.

Pap & Meme gave Brady his first riffle.

Papaw Mills and GG came over for Christmas dinner.

We had a wonderful Christmas as you can see from all the pictures. We even got a pleasant surprise, it snowed!!! Brady's first Christmas was a White Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve (part 2)

We had a busy Christmas Eve. We had lunch and presents at my mom's, then snacks and presents at my dad's, finally snacks and presents at the Mill's (Steven's family). We had a lot of fun, I'm so thankful we were able to see and be with all our family this Christmas.
Brady showing everyone how he can stand on his own.

He loved his tricycle from Nana & Pops.

Our little family

Makenna, Gavin, & Gage opening their presents.

The grandkids

Gavin & Brady with Loretta

Brady & Papa Berney

Brady, Pap, & GG