Monday, July 4, 2016

Our First Mini Family Vacation

Hey y'all! Seems like forever since I've blogged...I've missed it. Thankfully our computer is okay and nothing was lost!

So I've been wanting to do something fun with all the kids for a while. I feel like we never get to do much fun stuff as a family and it makes me sad. I know the quints (and Brady too for that matter) will probably not remember this age and all the things we did with them but I still want them to experience fun things outside our house. My friend, Paula, wanted us to come out and stay with her in Dallas so we took up her offer. Our friend, McCall, went with us to be an extra pair of hands and eyes. We loaded up 4 pack n' plays, our six seater stroller, clothes, snacks and headed to Dallas.  There is one rule for vacation, and that is that were are no rules, so the quints enjoyed their pacifiers for 3 long hours and we enjoyed the peaceful drive.

Once we got to Paula and Dave's house, we ate lunch then let the kids play outside in the pool. They had so much fun exploring Paula's house and playing with Tucker (the dog). That night was when things got crazy. Steven set up the pack n' plays and we started trying to get everyone ready for bed. Mia accidentally pulled her g-button out when she slid out of the pack n' play. And guess who didn't bring any of the medical equipment to put the button back in, yes, yours truly (insert eye rolls). So we were scrambling around trying to find a syringe that would fit the g-button but didn't have any. Steven quickly drove to the nearest CVS store to get a syringe and it ended up being too big. I was ready to pack her up and head to the ER to get the tube back in because you don't have a lot of time to get the tube back in before the hole starts closing up. So, Steven got some sandpaper and sanded the end of the syringe enough to where it would fit. Thankfully we were able to the button back in. Talk about stressful. Getting everyone to bed after all that was quiet difficult. I didn't get much sleep, but all in all, the kids slept fairly well.

The next morning we ate breakfast and got ready for our day of adventure. We originally were going to take the kids to either the Ft. Worth Zoo or Dallas Zoo but we all decided it was probably too hot to have a good time outside so we started thinking of fun things to do that would be indoors. Back in the spring we took the kids to the Dallas World Aquarium in Downtown Dallas and they loved it (plus it was indoors) so we decided to visit the aquarium at the Grapevine Mills Mall. The aquarium was awesome. The kids loved it. We got there right when it opened so it wasn't too crowded which was so nice since we had our massive 6 seater stroller. After we went through the aquarium we went to the Rainforest Cafe. The kids had fun checking out all the animals and the food was delicious. We didn't have anything else planned for the day so we decided to head on home. We had originally planned on staying until Sunday, but one night was about all Steven and I could handle; traveling with six small kids is a LOT of work!

It was a great trip. We learned a lot. I'm so thankful Paula and Dave were brave and let us stay with them. Hopefully Tucker (the dog) wasn't too traumatized. This will always be a great memory.

Day 1
Paula had plenty of toys for us to play with.

The stairs were a big hit.

We blew up the pool and enjoyed the hot summer day.

The aquarium would not let you use the flash, so all my pictures are dark.

This girl is the best! So blessed to have her in our lives!

The aquarium had a play area and the kids enjoyed climbing and sliding.

I highly recommend taking your kids to the Grapevine Mills Mall this summer. There are so many fun this to do.
Well that's all folks. Our first mini-vacation is in the books. I'm so thankful for the time our family got to spend together this weekend. I look forward to our next adventure, in the future.
Be blessed,
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