Saturday, July 30, 2011

OGO- Project #2

So I have recently realized that I only have 2 weeks of summer left! So on top of being sad that I'm about to have to go to work, I'm also feeling pressured to get all my Operation Get Organized projects completed before I go back to work & college!

We went on vacation (Boston) this past week...I'll post on that later. We got home Tuesday. So now I'm trying to make myself get busy around the house. Thursday night Steven was mowing so I decided it wouldn't look too good if I just sat in the house and watched tv while he worked. So, I got up and started looking through my medicine cabinets (I had 11 storage containers of medical supplies). I went through them all and disposed of all the meds that were out of date and reorganized what was still good. It took a few hours but it was so worth it because now it's all organized (for now) and I'm very happy!

Next pantry.

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