Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pink eye & Independence Day

So Tuesday, Brady burnt his hand and took his first trip to the ER. Well, Wednesday he woke up and I noticed that his eye looked red, but I figured it was how he had laid on it the night before. Well, as the day went on, his eye got worse and started matting up. So, I took him to the after hours clinic and he had pink eye! Poor baby, he had a rough 2 days!

Our Independence Day was very low key since Brady was a little under the weather. We went to my step-dad's mother's house for lunch, then we came home and took a little nap. That evening we took the boat to the lake and took a little ride, then we visited my grandmother. So, we didn't do anything exciting or extravagant, but we were together and I can't ask for anything better! So thankful for the freedoms I enjoy every day thanks to so many brave men and women. God bless the USA!!!

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