Tuesday, July 16, 2013

16 months with Brady

Time keeps ticking…and my little boy keeps growing up on me. This past month has been full of little accidents that kept us busy. Brady burnt his hand, got pink eye, and came down with an ear infection all within the same week. Thankfully, he’s doing much better now. Summer is in full swing and is hot, so we’re staying inside more than Brady would like but I don’t want him getting sun burnt or to overheat so we wait until late in the evening to go play outside. Here’s what Brady’s been up to lately.
*He still weighs 23 pounds.
*He is happy, happy, happy (most of the time).
*He’s very fast, especially when he’s trying to get away from you.
*He hates it when I try to hold him and make him be quiet (especially in church). We have to leave on a frequent basis with him.
*He has the funniest laugh.
*He’s obsessed with yogurt.
*Overall, he’s a pretty good eater. He’s even drinking milk with some of his meals (he hasn’t been drinking milk much).
*He’s still Mr. Social.
*He loves to say hi and bye over and over again.
*He’s really tough, he hardly ever cries when he injuries himself.
*He can say a few words, but really isn’t talking well yet.
*He loves to show people his boo-boo on his hand. I tell people he’s milking it for all it’s worth.
*He still has blond hair and blue eyes.
*He has most of his teeth, he’s only missing his eye-teeth.
*He gives open mouth kisses; they are wet and juicy.
*He plays with his trucks, buses, tractors, and anything else that’s on wheels. It’s so funny to see him pushing his toys around.
*He still likes to climb on everything. The other day, we looked up and he was on our kitchen table eating his yogurt. He scares me to death.

This has been an uneventful month in terms of his development. I am noticing that he understands spoken language a whole lot better than his vocabulary lets him convey. I’m also noticing that he’s noticing everything we do and say. If he has a key, he tries to put it in the door to open it. If he has a cell phone, he puts it to his ear and says hello. It’s the simple things like that, that really amaze me. He’s truly like a little sponge, soaking in everything that’s happening around him. He can be a little toot sometimes, he’s very hardheaded and stubborn but then he can turn around a be the sweetest angel. I love him so much, even when he’s being a little stinker.
If you're a mom to a very active little boy, you might want to invest in lots of First Aid supplies. I promise you'll need it!

Can't believe he's already 16 months.

Hugging on daddy. He loves his daddy!!

Running away from us.

If he's in the mood to be still, he loves books. Otherwise, he likes to eat books.

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