Thursday, March 10, 2016

Our Trip to the Aquarium

So today we got the wild hair to take the kids out to do something new and fun. Ever since we went to the Tyler Zoo and the trip was successful, I knew I wanted to take them to the aquarium in Dallas. Its a 6 hour round trip to Dallas for us, and I really don't like making the trip with the kids unless its for doctors appointments, but we had to go to the aquarium before next Friday (the quints' 2nd birthday) for them to get in free. My mother-in-law gave the kids $10 each for Valentine's Day, so I saved that money to use towards this outing.

I was hoping to leave the house by 8am, but we didn't actually get on the road until 8:30, which wasn't too bad for us. Kristian, Gavin, Makenna, and Mekisha all went with us. Every seat in our 12 passenger van was occupied. We stopped and ate lunch before we went to the aquarium. We choose to go in and dine, which we hardly ever do with the quints, and I ended up regretting that decision. About 2 minutes after being seated I was ready to leave. The quints just can't keep their hands off stuff. Everything is intriguing to them and it makes it impossible for us adults to enjoy our meal. We were constantly taking stuff away from them, sitting them back into their seats because they could wiggle out, keep them from throwing things across the restaurant, and on and on. Thankfully the restaurant wasn't busy so we asked the waiter to put our hot skillet on a nearby table so they wouldn't touch it and burn themselves. It was wild. We survived and learned a valuable lesson that the quints (and us too) are just not ready to eat out at restaurants yet. We had a lot of help today and it was still crazy.

Next up was the aquarium, we arrived around 1:45pm which is almost nap time (they nap from 2-4pm) and I was worried they might be fussy but they surprised me and did a fantastic job. I even had one woman stop me and bragged about how well behaved the kids were. That's a good feeling when other people notice your kids behaving. The aquarium was very crowded and the walkways were very narrow, which made it very hard to maneuver the big stroller around but Steven managed it well.  It was a good day. Brady loved everything! It was so much fun to watch him experience everything. One of the best parts of being a mom is watching my kids experience new things and watching the amazement in their eyes.

Today was a lot of work for the adults but fun was had by all. And we got a nice surprise because our friend, Paula, joined us. Time spent with Paula is always a good time.

*And if you're wondering why Mia is dressed different from the other girls, it's because she vomited all over herself. Thankfully, I grabbed extra clothes for everyone before we left this morning, but I was disappointed she wasn't in her cute red, white, and blue outfit.
*We left at 8:30am and didn't get home until 7:15pm. It was a long day!
*We managed to have a nice family outing without a lot of questions or weird/crazy/rude comments about our family. I wore my I Work Out -- Just Kidding -- I Have Quints shirt and I really think that helped keep the questions away. I heard a lot of "wow" and "oh my" and "you've got your hands full" comments but my favorite comment was from a woman who told me how blessed I was and she is so right. Yes our hands are full with the Six Sweet Seals, they keep us on our toes and we are so thankful for that! They are healthy and thriving and that is such a huge blessing.







Tessa screamed for about 2 out of the 3 hours it took to get home...this is what Mia thought about all that screaming.

We had a fun day! Can't wait for our next adventure.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! We've been wanting to take our boys to an aquarium sometime. I grew up in the Dallas area (now live not too far from you and your family) and miss all the area has to offer. I really enjoy the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, so maybe one day I can convince my husband that we need to take a week-end trip to the D/FW area to visit the museum and the aquarium. :)

  2. The kids loved the aquarium, I highly recommend it. (It is a little pricy though...if you have a little one that's less than 2 years old, I suggest going before they turn 3 so they'll be free). I will have to look into the Ft. Worth Museum, that sounds like fun! Thanks for the suggestion!