Saturday, March 26, 2016

Healthy Teeth = Happy Mama

This past Tuesday, the Six Sweet Seals all had a dental checkup. Our appointment was at 1:30, which didn't give us time to go home after we picked Brady up from school, so we ate Chick-fil-A and went to the mall to play at the indoor play area to run off some energy. I was worried they would be very fussy since it was so close to nap time but overall, they did pretty well, at least most of them did.

I'm very pleased to say, all of the kids have great teeth and no cavities. I absolutely love everything about our pediatric dentist/office. The facility is nice and kid friendly, they got us in and out in 30 minutes (which is so nice when you have 6 kids), and the staff is amazing! Gracie became quick friends with Ms. Melissa. It is so nice and very helpful when staff will lend a helping hand with my kids. I took help but we were still outnumbered. The staff and nurses were so sweet and make the appointment run smoothly, which is a big deal for us. I'm so thankful all the kids got a good report. Healthy teeth makes me very happy.    :)
Brady getting his teeth cleaned.
He did an awesome job of sitting still and letting the hygienist do everything she needed to do.

Of course, he had Thomas the Train to help him be a big boy.

Tessa was such a big girl and let the hygienist do everything without getting upset.

Ms. Melissa was so awesome with Gracie Lou.

Rayleigh was unsure about all this teeth business.

Brant did an awesome job and was such a big boy.

Poor Gracie was not a fan of getting her teeth cleaned.

Waiting patiently for their turn.

Gracie and Ms. Melissa made fast friends.
Mia wasn't a fan of getting her teeth cleaned either.
I just want to encourage all you mamas out there to start taking your kids to the dentist early on. I just happened to take Brady to the dentist when he was 13 months old because he fell and chipped his tooth. That's when the dentist told me he recommended starting to take your child to the dentist when they start getting teeth or around age 1 so that they get familiar with the process. All our dentist does with the quints is count teeth, make sure everything looks normal and healthy, and they also give me helpful advice about foods/drinks to avoid, and they answer all my questions (like when to completely take pacifiers away). All my kids have been going to the dentist since they were 1 year old. Of course, some of them get scared and cry but overall, they do very well.

Be blessed!!

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