Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Brady is FOUR!!!!

I can not believe my big guy is four years old today! I have been a mama for four years! I remember before Brady, when I was going through the roughest time in my life, experiencing miscarriage after miscarriage and I had gotten to the point where I really thought I would never have my own child. I was upset, discouraged, and losing hope. I felt horrible that I couldn't give Steven a baby. I felt like a failure as a woman and as a wife. It was a really low time in my life. I can see now that I wasn't a failure; this was something that was completely out of my control, it was just so hard to understand the whole situation when I was in the midst of those dark days.

Thankfully, on March 15th at 7:59pm, my sweet Brady Boo enter the world and life has never been the same. He was a big baby weighing 8lbs 2oz and was 21 inches long. His hair was light and his eyes were blue, of all things! I still can't believe his eyes have never changed, and I'm so thankful they haven't because I love my little blue eyed boy. He weighs 31lbs.
He is so funny.
He is smart.
He is sneaky.
He is mischievous.
He is stubborn.
He is strong-willed.
He is very particular.
He has an amazing memory.
He is all boy.
He is loving.
He can be shy.
He is loud.
He is passionate about things he likes and dislikes.
He can be very irritating at times because he wants things his way.
He is the most amazing four year old a mama could ask for. I love him so much my heart could burst. Just one glance at him and I have a smile on my face.

All day today I've been very emotional about my big guy turning four and I don't know why. Of all days, I ran into the nurse who helped deliver Brady today. I asked her if she remembered what she was doing on this exact day four years ago. I almost started crying talking to her about that epic day. I guess the tears that keep trying to build up in my eyes are a reminder of my struggle to become a mother, they are a reminder of the heartbreak of losing so many babies, but they are mostly happy tears that I get to spend my life loving this very special little boy.  I'm just so thankful God gave him to me to love. I'm so thankful he's healthy. He is such a blessing to our whole family.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Brady.
Finally a family of 3!!!!
I've always loved that sweet little smile.
Those eyes...they get me every time!
I'm ready to swim mama.
He is one talented little boy.
Hunting for eggs.
He's something else!
To ensure that he had a wonderful 4th birthday, I lined up my Aunt Marty to take the quints to therapy, along with McCall and Janna. That allowed me and the birthday boy to go eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel before school. I took dinosaur cookies for his class party. And we had lunch at Chick-fil-A with his good buddy, Knox and Knox's mom and brother. We got home just in time for the birthday boy to take a quick nap. Afterwards we enjoyed family members stopping by to say happy birthday and a few brought birthday presents, which was by far his favorite part.
Wake up to a cupcake on fire...it's going to be a good day.
Breakfast date at Cracker Barrel.
My 4 year old.
Eating biscuits and gravy.

Cookies for this class party at school.

He loved his birthday hat.

Miss. Holly Boo with the birthday boy.

Ready to eat his cookies.
He was loving all the special attention today.
He picked dinosaurs as his birthday gift from his teachers.
Lunch at Chick-fil-A with his buddy, Knox.

Anytime family came over he'd run and put his birthday hat on. 

Mom's not too sure about this new game. 

He got a big boy bike from us. 
And he was scared to ride it so he just pushed it.

A dinosaur from Nana.
Happy birthday to my sweet Brady Boo. You are a blessing straight from heaven and it is an honor to be your mama! I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for you! May all your days be blessed.

That's all folks! It's been an exhausting, yet absolutely amazing day celebrating my big guy. Be blessed!

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