Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Our Cowboy/Cowgirl Party

So the theme of Brady's 4th and Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, & Rayleigh's 2nd  birthday party was cowboys and cowgirls. The color scheme was red and blue bandana. We had the party in our garage because we had so much rain the week prior to the party. I originally wanted the party to be on our back porch but our backyard is like a swamp, and that is not a good combination with a lot of little kids running around. I rented a bounce house and the kids loved it. The weather was chilly and in the 60's and it was very windy. The wind kept blowing some of the decorations over but overall, the party went wonderfully and it was fun. I think (and I hope) everyone who came had a terrific time.

Today, I'm going to show you the decorations and I plan on doing another post with the rest of the pictures from the party, hopefully on Thursday.

Everything set up with the garage door down...before the wind started blowing things over.
For the party favors, Sandi, who made the cake, also made cookies. They were adorable!

I wrapped up all the cookies and sent them home with all the kids that came to party with us.

Water, sweet tea, and Capri Suns were our drinks.
My mom is Nana to my kids, she made the tea for me, therefore...we had
Nana's Sweet Tea.

I used pictures of the kids, from the past year,  to decorate all the tables. I wanted the focus of the party to be how much they have grown and changed over this past year.

The menu consisted of BBQ sliders, baked potato casserole, and baked beans.
Steven did all the cooking and he did a fabulous job!
The cake was adorable and perfect in every way.
Sandi did a phenomenal job!

Everyone signed a Wanted sign for each kid as a keepsake.
I do this every year.

The company didn't have a western bounce house so I picked the Nemo one since my kids all like fish.
The sign in table.
Well, that's the first look at the party. Stay tuned for part two.  :)
Be Blessed!

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