Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello Monday & Easter 2016

This Easter really snuck up on me. It was so close to the big birthday party that I haven't had time to really focus on the big day. But nevertheless, it's here (and over now) and we had a good day. The Easter Bunny visited and brought the Six Sweet Seals a water toy to play with this summer. I like how our Bunny big gift for everyone instead of six of everything! Smart Bunny in my opinion. lol Anyways, we took the quints to church today. We have only been doing Sunday School before church started to keep them away from germs, but today we decided to take them to church service. They all did really well. Afterwards we went to my moms for lunch and an egg hunt. Then the quints came home for a nap and Brady went to hunt eggs with Steven's family. It has been a fun yet exhausting day.

A few fun things we did to get ready for Easter were of course dye eggs. And I also bought some fake eggs that the kids all painted, they turned out cute and my plan is to let them paint an egg every year as a keepsake. But first...Brady's Easter party at school. This was the first party that I've taken the quints to and I was very worried about how they'd act, but they did so good...I was very proud and relieved.
Our keepsake eggs.
Eventually (and it won't take long in this house) this
basket will be full of beautifully painted eggs by the Six Sweet Seals.
Each kid painted their own egg (somewhat...Brady did all of his and we helped the quints).

Brady's Easter Party at school.

The teachers brought in 5 more chairs and the quints were so good and sat in them for almost the whole party. They did a great job.

Hunting eggs.

The quints had fun on the playground.

Miss Hadley was such a big helper with the quints.
She and Gracie became fast friends.

Egg Hunting on Easter with the family.

Brady egg hunting with his cousins.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.
Be blessed!

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