Monday, March 7, 2016

Hello Monday!

Hey Y'all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Let's get the week started off on a positive note:

Successful mothers 
are not the ones 
who have never struggled.

They are the ones
who never give up
despite the struggle.

This quote really spoke to my heart when I read it...Boy have I been struggling lately as a mamma. This wonderful and beautiful life I've been blessed with is awesome but it ain't easy, one bit! Lord have mercy... these kids have been driving me crazy lately and we haven't even officially hit the "Terrible Twos" yet! Being a mama is the hardest thing I've ever done and every day I feel like I'm learning something new, finding new ways to handle difficult situations (because there are many), and growing both as a mother and a person. I knew being a mom to 1 + quints was going to be hard....sometimes I wonder how I'm going to make it through a stage but let me tell ya is so rewarding and full of so much happiness, joy, and most of all love. Yes I get discouraged, aggrevated, and tired but there is no doubt in my mind this, being a mother of six beautiful children, is what I was born to do. It's the hardest job ever but it's also the most gratifying, rewarding, and fun job in the world. I am such a blessed girl!

So mamas if you're out there struggling and feeling all alone...don't! You are not alone! We all struggle whether we admit it or not. Hold your head up and keep moving forward. We can do this!

What We've Been Up To:

My friend McCall (aka Tom to us) had a birthday last week so I made her (per her request) a delicious carrot cake. Now if you know me well, you know I'm not a good cook, but I have to toot my own horn and brag on myself...I can follow a recipe (most of the and my carrot cake recipe has never disappointed. I love the Pioneer Woman and I use her recipe and everyone loves it! If you don't know who the Pioneer Woman is go look her up right now! She's amazing!

My beautiful niece, Makenna, made the Varsity cheer squad this past Friday!!! We are so excited to get to watch her cheer this next fall and to watch my nephew, Gage, and the rest of the Cardinals!
Congratulations to all the new cheerleaders!
The quints have been practicing eating from their own plates. You have to keep your eyes on them at all times but they've actually done a lot better than I expected. We haven't had any plates sail across the room yet!
G, B, T

M, R

It's beginning to look a lot like springtime...
Everywhere you look....
I love this time of the much beauty all around us!
Have a great week everyone! Be blessed!

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