Monday, October 26, 2009

Royal Walk 2009

This past weekend, Gage and Makenna both participated in the annual Royal Walk held at our school. The Royal Walk is like a little pageant; each elementary class picks a boy and a girl to represent them. Gage was picked by his 4th grade class and Makenna was picked by her 3rd grade class.

They were both cute as a button and Makenna and her partner, Hunter, actually won the whole thing. She was so beautiful. They made a very cute couple. Gage and his partner, Harley, were very cute as well. All the couples, for that matter, were adorable…I’m glad I wasn’t a judge! It would have been a hard decision.

Makenna was very excited to be crowned queen, she even wore her crown to church the next morning to show it off.

Makenna and Hunter
The Queen & King
Gage & Harley

The proud mama (Kayla) Gavin


  1. love this! they're precious! makenna's dress was SO gorgeous! and oh my GOSH gavin is big?!?

  2. They are getting so big! What a gorgeous family!