Friday, May 14, 2010


My 30th birthday was last week and it was awesome! It felt more like April Fool's than a birthday, let me tell you why....

I woke up, my birthday morning, to find out I'd been rolled (with toilet paper) the night before. I don't have much to roll but what we had...they rolled.

Then I get to school to find that my room had also been rolled. When I got back from our field trip, may car had been rolled.

Then when I was opening my gifts, Steven tricked me with his gift. I told him I wanted something that I could always keep from him.... He acted like he had given me a new camera (which I didn't want). He gave me a bunch of empty camera boxes...but my real present was a diamond cross necklace. It's beautiful & I love it.

For my birthday weekend, Steven, Kristian, Mike, Anita & I went to Dallas to go to Six Flags & a Rangers game. It was so much fun plus I got to eat at my favorite restaurants!!!

I wish every day was my birthday!!!

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