Saturday, July 31, 2010


I am in disbelief that my nephew, Gage, will be 11 years old on Monday! It doesn't seem possible for him to be that old. (It doesn't seem possible for me to be as old as I am either, but that's beside the point.) :)

I'm excited about the stage in life Gage is in right now. He's a really cool kid, easy going, and gets along with pretty-much everyone. I just hope these next few years go by a little more slowly than these first 11... It makes me sad that he, Makenna, & Gavin are all growing up so fast.

Pray for us....Kayla, Kristian, Gage, Makenna, Gavin & I are all taking a family vacation this week. We leave on Tuesday for Tampa, Florida!!! It should be an interesting trip!

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