Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas - Our Christmas (part 1)

We always have both of our families over for Christmas every year. I call it "Our Christmas" because it's at our house. I think "Our Christmas" is my favorite time with our family because it's the one time we have everyone together and there are no gifts. To me, Christmas isn't about the presents under the tree, it's about spending time with loved ones and making memories. I love that 3 years ago, Steven and I started this tradition of having everyone over for the holidays because it's so special to us and everyone else. We're very blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family.
Brady with Grandma & Papa (we were so thankful Papa was able to come to our Christmas get together, he had to miss Thanksgiving and it wasn't the same without him.

Grandma & Papa with all the Great Grandkids: Gage, Makenna, Skyler, Taylor, Gavin, & Brady

Papa & Brady

Brady with his GG & Papaw Mills

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