Saturday, April 6, 2013

March 2013

March was an exciting month for us because it was Brady's birthday month & it was Spring Break. Here's a few other things we enjoyed during March.
Legos with Daddy

Playing with the monkey balloon from his birthday party. It's still up and he still loves to play with it.

Easter fun

Touching his first fish with Pap.

Steven is really hoping he'll have a fishing buddy in a few years....

Ready for bed... he's still attached to his paci

He loves to run around the house naked. It is funny to watch him because he's so happy and funny. The only problem is that he pees in the floor almost every time (thank goodness we have tile floors). In this particular picture, he is actually peeing while laughing at me taking his picture. He is something else!!!

St. Patrick's Day with mama.

My little leprechaun.

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