Saturday, November 30, 2013

Brady- 20 months

It's so hard to believe that Brady is 20 months old! He has changed so much the past few months. He's really starting to talk. He repeats words he hears. His speaking vocabulary is catching up with his listening/understanding vocabulary. His new favorite word is "no". I'm not too excited about that  because he's always telling me no now. No is his answer for everything. He's a champ at taking naps. He loves to play with his toy trucks. He loves to be outside. He's becoming more aware of when he uses the restroom. He's even peed on the toilet. I'm seriously thinking about potty training him soon, I just don't know where to start. Hopefully I can figure it out soon. Brady's been sick, a lot, this fall. He was sick for almost 2 weeks at the beginning of October. I think he had a virus plus the stomach virus at the same time. It was a rough couple of weeks. He's had some issues with sinus/allergy this year as well. Hopefully, all the sickness is behind us cause I can't think of anything worse than a sick baby. He's got the sweetest and cutest smile, he just brightens up my day with his smile. He can be loving at times, but loves to be down and running like a wild man. He still loves books and a few of them he's even able to say some of the words with me. He doesn't get along with his cousin Gavin very well, I think they aggravate each other and Brady doesn't know how to handle someone giving him a hard time. They do play together well, at times, and keep each other company. Brady loves his Aunt Kristian, she's probably his favorite person, but Makenna is a close second. He's growing and changing so much each and every day.
He loves his Aunt Kris

Bath time with Nana

Silly boy playing with his trucks

He was so serious. He had all the cars lined up perfectly.

My cute cowboy.

Making a mess and eating off the floor.... boys will be boys!

Sitting at the table like a big boy.

Playing with frogs

A nice moment with him and Gavin

I had the stomach virus during Halloween so Brady didn't get to do a lot of trick-or-treating. He was a sheriff.

Grandma's birthday party

Refusing to take his medicine

He eats oatmeal every morning.

Growing up so fast.

He felt so bad at the beginning of Oct.

He stole a paci and is hiding.

Old habits die hard.

Talking on the phone in bed... a look into the future.

Bobby Gene & Brady

Brady, Meme, & GG

Papaw & Brady

Brady, Pops & Gavin

My little turkey

Playing with toilet

Making a big mess

 We're having so much fun watching Brady grow and develop each day. What a wonderful blessing!!!!

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