Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 2015

The saying goes, April showers bring May flowers.... Well, if that is true, we will have flowers galore around here. This has been the wettest spring! There are parts of our yard, Steven has yet to mow because it's too wet. And, because of all the rain, Steven is worried about his garden. He's thinking the watermelon, corn, and green beans aren't going to make it. :(   This has been an exciting month for the kids. The quints are getting out more these days. We go for walks in the neighborhood. We're taking the babies to church & Sunday school. They didn't miss one Sunday all month! I think all my kids suffer from allergies, just like Steven and I do. All the quints are on antibiotics right now, due to ear infections and sinus congestion. Here's a look back at our April.

The kids had a blast at Easter! We hosted the family for desserts and and egg hunt. It was a beautiful day and so much fun!
Easter Sunday was so special. It was the Quints first time to go to church. They were on their best behavior. I'm so thankful we can finally go to church as a family.
We make up most of the Sunday school class. They went to church every Sunday in April.

The Quints went to their first baseball game and the Cardinals won!
I'm sure these five will spend many days & nights at the ball field. We've already been to 3 games! We love our Cardinals. 

We participated in the March for Babies in Longview, Texas.
Our awesome support group.
Brady - April 2015
Brady's vocabulary and speech continues to improve. We are working on potty training, but it's a "work in progress". I was pushing him hard until I finally realized, he just wasn't ready. We still work on it, but I'm not pushing him like it was. I'm hoping in a month or two, he'll be completely potty trained. He likes everything color coordinated (if he has a blue bowl then he has to have a blue spoon). He loves to watch tv and play with his trains. He says the sweetest prayers and loves to sing Jesus Loves Me. He likes it when you read to him and he loves to go outside and play.
My silly guy. 
He loves suckers.

Mia - April 2015
Mia is trying to replace Gracie as the diva. She has a lot of personality and a BIG attitude! Lord have mercy on us! lol  She's going to be a hand-full, I'm afraid. She can give you the meanest evil eye and she will yell at you; I'm sure she's telling us off, we just don't speak her language. She can shake her head no. She has 4 teeth, her 2 top front teeth haven't broke through but the top side teeth have, so she looks like a little vampire. She's becoming more vocal, she can say the /t/ sound and make vowel consonant vowel sounds. She bangs toys together, holds 2 blocks in one hand, and reaches to grab objects. She can clap, point, and shake her head no. Her hair is getting longer and it's very curly.
She climbed in the Bumbo herself.
Here she is giving us the evil eye. lol

Tessa - April 2015
Tessa is such a sweet baby. I know I say that all the time about her, but it's so true. She's so stinkin' sweet! She's got a huge smile. She loves to clap and wave. She can crawl, and she's pretty fast at it. She can now stand unassisted and she can take one step. She can shake her head no. She has a mouth full of teeth. She can throw a ball and retrieve it. She can point at things. She can say the /l/, /v/, and /b/ sounds, she can say mama, dada, and hi; she's also making vowel consonant combinations. She's got the least amount of hair out of all the quints. It's getting a little darker and I think it may be curly.
Tessa having fun.
She's usually always happy.

Brant - April 2015
My little guy is becoming a mama's boy, and that makes me very happy. He used to be so high-maintence, but over the past few months, he's really calmed down. He likes to be cuddled and is just so sweet. He has 6 teeth. He stands unassisted and can take a few steps. He can walk and dance on his knees, but he is too scared and doesn't have the confidence to get on his feet and walk. I think it'll be soon, but he's just not sure about it right now. He can open doors and drawers, crawl over objects, bang blocks, hold 2 blocks in one hand, reach and grasp objects, clap, and point. He says mama, dada, and hi. He's had 2 haircuts.
Trying to keep the sun off while cheering on the Cardinals.

He reached the tissue box and started to demolish the tissues. He loves to make a mess.

Gracie - April 2015
Gracie is starting to lose her diva status. She, just like Brant, is starting to settle down. She is our first quint to walk (her adjusted age is 10 months, and that about when Brady started walking)!!!! She prefers to crawl but will walk when you encourage her. She stands unassisted. I am so happy to report that Gracie is taking most of her feeds from a bottle!!!!! She is doing SO well. She still gets some milk through her tube, but for the most part, she's taking her bottle. She can bang toys together, hold two blocks in one hand, reach and grasp objects. She likes flipping through a book and "pretend" that she's reading. She claps, points, and shakes her head no. She will give toys to you. Her hair is getting longer and it is straight as a board. She's known as the "Boss Lady".
Enjoying a ring pop.

Being a big girl and feeding herself.

Wild hair for my wild girl.

Rayleigh - April 2015
Rayleigh is so easy going. She's usually happy. I think Rayleigh inherited bad ears from me, bless her heart. She has an ear infection as we speak. When she's upset, she says mama mama over and over. She's definitely a mama's girl. Her hair is so long. I'm going to have to start clipping it back so it won't be in her eyes. She can stand unassisted and take a step or two. She loves to eat baby food. She can bang toys together, hold 2 blocks in one hand, reach and grasp objects. She can crawl over objects and shake her head no. She can say mama and dada.
This is where Rayleigh spends most of her time, at my feet begging to be held.

She's got some wild hair.

Such a little sweetheart.

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