Monday, May 4, 2009

The 3 Munchkins

Everyone has been asking how big Gage, Makenna and Gavin are now so I thought I’d let you see for yourself. Gage is 9, Makenna is 8 and Gavin is 2. Gage is all about sports, Makenna is our Drama Queen and Gavin is our Drama King! Makenna & Gavin are two of a kind!


  1. OH MY, they are getting so big! I remember seeing pictures of Gage when he was just a little bitty thing!

  2. oh my GOODNESS!!! what big, ADORABLE kiddos!

  3. Hey girl! I am so excited about your blog! I am puting a link to it on mine so I can keep up. Your house looks great! Love and miss you! Happy birthday!