Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mixed Blessings

We’re going to have a baby!!! I’m so excited, happy, thankful, nervous, and scared. Our journey to parenthood has been anything but normal or easy. I must start from the beginning.
Last January (2010), the hubby and I decided we were ready to try to start a family. I was turning 30 in May and I knew it was time to make a we’d been married for 3 years, had our nice home, both have vehicles that work, and we have good stable jobs. So I went for my yearly checkup around the middle of January and talked to my doctor about getting started on trying to get pregnant. I told her how I wanted to get pregnant in the summer so I could have a baby around May or June…that way I could be off all summer long with a baby. My doctor told me, “all teachers say that…but don’t count on it working out the way you want it”…so after talking to Steven we just decided we’d stop trying to prevent a pregnancy and see what happened.
Five weeks later, while Steven was out of town for work, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!! I was shocked I got pregnant the first month of trying. I couldn’t tell Steven over the phone we were going to have a baby because I had to see his face and reaction…so I kept quiet for about a week and a half. When he came home from his trip I handed him a card that said, “You’re going to be a daddy!” He was shocked and excited. We decided to stay quiet about the pregnancy until we went to the first OB appointment to make sure everything was okay.
Well, that day came, and everything wasn’t okay. During the sonogram the lady told us that the baby was only measuring 6 weeks instead of 9 weeks like it was suppose to and there wasn’t a heartbeat. I was heartbroken. Steven was heartbroken. We were both in shock. A couple of weeks later I had a D&C which was a horrible experience. It didn’t hurt but it was just an awful thing to go through. My doc told us we had to wait 3 months before we could try again.
So we waited the months and decided to try again. Once again, after the first month of trying, I was pregnant again! This time we were happy but scared. I went for blood work at 5 weeks and everything looked good. We went for a sonogram at 6 weeks and the baby had a heartbeat! We were so excited…Steven thought we were going to make it this time…but when we went back at 7 weeks for another sonogram…no heartbeat. Another miscarriage. More heartache. This time it was worse because we knew something was wrong.
I had another D&C, doc told us we had to wait 3 more months before trying…and she decided to run tests on both of us to see if she could find out what was going wrong. After a few weeks all the tests results came back….all normal. So we were still at ground zero… no answers why we had 2 miscarriages and really didn’t know what to do to keep from have a third miscarriage.
The next few months were hard…very hard. October was probably the lowest point because that was when the first baby was due. Then the holidays were upon us…I love the holidays but couldn’t help from thinking about what it would have been like with our baby. I lost a lot of weight during the time…I just didn’t have an appetite. Through it all, Steven was my rock. He was so good about listening to me cry about stuff and being a shoulder to lean on. And we both leaned on God. I don’t know how people get through life without depending on God. He gets us through the roughest toughest times in our life. God has a perfect plan for us all and he’s always looking out for our best interest.
November came around and we could try again. So once again, we decided we’d give it a try. And for the third time, I got pregnant after the first month of trying. I found out on December 10th I was pregnant. I cried a little, but I was so excited. The next week I went for my blood tests and everything was good. My doc put me on progesterone and baby aspirin this pregnancy. At 5 weeks, I had a sonogram and everything looked good, but the baby was too little to really see. At 6 weeks, I went back for another sonogram and the baby had a heartbeat!!! At 7 weeks, I thought I was having another miscarriage (I had never made it past 6 weeks in the past) so I went in for another sonogram and the baby was fine and had a healthy heartbeat. I cried when I saw the heart beating. I was so relieved. We went back at 8 weeks for another sonogram, and the baby was still growing with a healthy heartbeat. Two weeks later we went back in for another sonogram and the baby was growing, had a strong heartbeat, and was moving!!! We went back two weeks later and the doc heard the baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler. I was so happy!!!
Last night we had the whole family over for a Valentine’s Day celebration and then surprised them with our good news. They were all so happy for us. Now our little secret is out and it makes me even more excited about this baby. It’s nice to finally be able to talk about our baby with family and friends.
I’m so so so so happy we’re expecting this baby!!! I can’t wait for August 25th to get here!!! I’m so ready to hold him/her and kiss him/her and love on him/her.


  1. I know you're glad to get all of that off of your chest! I have prayed and will continue to pray for you and Steven and baby during this time. It is the most amazing experience straight from heaven. I don't know why you have had to endure what you have, but I am sure it was all part of God's perfect plan for you. And I know your faith has been strengthened in Him because of it. I love you and can't wait to love on this baby too! Let the baby blogging begin!

  2. What a touching update to your last year, I'm so sorry you went through so much, but like you said, there is a master plan! Best wishes for an nice, simple pregnancy. Can't wait to see that Baby Belly grow!

  3. Through tears of sadness and joy, I wish you and Steven the very best. Your words are both painful and inspiring. I love you tons and look forward to reading about your journey.