Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back to work

I went back to work today…and it went really well. When I walked into my classroom I saw that my students had wrote me a note on the board saying welcome back and that they had missed me. My eyes started to fill up with tears but I kept it together. I quickly got busy and that helped me. I could tell my students missed me while I was gone. However, some of them were acting crazy! (Like bouncing off the walls… it was weird!)
I think going back to work was good for me. It keeps my mind busy and that’s a good thing. But, with that being said, it didn’t stop me from thinking if things hadn’t gone bad last week, I’d be 15 weeks pregnant today. It’s weird how even when I’m in the middle of talking and teaching I still will think about the baby. It will be a while before I stop thinking about the baby we just lost. We loved all three babies, but we just really thought since we’d made it so far with this last pregnancy we were going to make it this time. Plus, going through the birth process also created an even deeper bond with this baby.
But, I am determined to be positive and focus on finding answers about what’s going wrong with my body. I go back to my doctor for my follow-up appointment and bloodwork on March 21st. Then we’re going to Dallas to meet the specialist on April 11th. I’m hopeful that we’ll find some answers.

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