Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well Baby Check-up: 4 months

We took Brady for this Well Baby 4 month check-up last Friday. The doctor says he's healthy & perfect. He weighs 15 lbs 12 oz (64%), is 25 1/4 inches long (59%), and his head measured 16.75 inches around (54%). We're not starting anything new until 6 months when we'll start introducing food. I think I may start trying to feed his morning meal by spoon. We have been putting rice cereal in his bottle since he was about 6 weeks old because he was having trouble keeping his milk down. Feeding cereal is really the only new thing to do at 4 months. So I think it will help him if I start feeding him by a spoon soon so he'll know how to eat when we start baby food.

He's getting so big. It's hard to hold him for very long. I'm very thankful he likes to be put down and play. He also is really starting to enjoy his bouncer. And unfortunately he likes to watch tv. This worries me because there's not too many good programs for kids to watch anymore. I hope as he gets older and can walk and talk, he'll want to go outside and play.

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