Sunday, July 1, 2012


I seriously can't believe it's already July! It's already the 7th month of the year! I only have about 6 more weeks at home with my baby!

This year is seriously flying by way too fast & the worst part is that my baby is growing up way too fast! He rolled over yesterday. I went to the park to walk, and he rolled over twice while I was gone. Thankfully, Steven videoed it so I did get to see him do it the second time. He hasn't done it since, but he really hasn't had a chance to either. I'm loving that he's reaching all his little milestones but it also makes me kind-of sad that everything is going as fast as it is. I'm really beginning to think he's going to be a very independent little boy. He doesn't like to be held when it's time to sleep. He wants you to lay him down & leave him alone. I like that...and that's going to be good when he goes to the babysitter, however, I miss snuggling with him as he goes to sleep. I seriously thought he'd be a tiny baby much longer than he was.  :(

Here's a pic of my little bundle of joy!

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