Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching Up

I'm so busy these days that it's hard to write stuff here's me trying to do a little catch up. Last week was VBS at church. It was a successful 4 days of VBS and I'm SO thankful it's OVER!! VBS is a lot of work and I tend to stress over it since I have been in charge of organizing it for the past 3 years. This year's VBS was extra special because it was Brady's first VBS. My 3 month old was there for all 4 nights. I can't think of a better place for him to be but in the house of the Lord. Here's a pic of him in class.

Last week Steven put up an above-ground (4 ft) pool in our backyard. We have friends with pools that let us use their pool whenever we want, but with Brady, it's just too hard to load everything and go somewhere and lay out. Plus, Brady isn't fond of the heat, so even if I did go somewhere, I wouldn't be able to stay long. Brady did get in the pool for the first time the other day. He loves to take baths but wasn't to excited about the pool...I think the sun was too bright & hurting his eyes.

Yesterday, I went to the ENT to have an allergy test. I've had a terrible time this year with my sinuses and ear aches. In fact, the day I gave birth, my ears were so bad I really couldn't hear or understand what the nurses were telling me...I had to get everyone to repeat themselves over and over. I had to take 3 rounds of antibiotics before I finally got rid of that ear infection. That's when the doctor suggested I do the allergy test. So my mother-in-law kept Brady for me and I went to the dr alone. The allergy test wasn't terrible, but it wasn't pleasant either. I'm pretty much allergic to everything in NE Texas (haha...). I'm exaggerating just a little bit, but there was a lot. Afterwards, my doc came in to talk to me about the results of the allergy test. He checked my ears and my right ear had fluid in it, again! He asked me if I'd considered putting tubes in my ears & I said yes. I told him I wanted to do it asap because I don't want to have to miss any work once school starts. He said okay and left the room. I was waiting on the nurse to come back to schedule a surgery...boy was I wrong! The nurse came back and said to follow her. She took me to another room and he did the procedure right then & there!!! I'm sure my eyes were as big as saucers! Let me tell you....that crap hurt! Actually it hurt like hell! During the middle of the procedure I wanted to tell him to stop but I knew he'd already cut my there was no turning back. Lesson learned: Next time I'll tell him I want tubes but I want to be knocked out first!!!!

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