Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mother/Daughter Lunch

This past Sunday one of my oldest best friends, Neelie, and her mama came over for lunch after Sunday morning church services. They also brought baby Randon with them. Randon is almost exactly one month younger than Brady and I haven't seen him since he was born so I was excited to get to see him again. I was so surprised at how much Randon had grown since I'd last saw him in the hospital. It was so nice for my mom and I to visit with Neelie and Sybil. Neelie and I were very close growing up but kind-of went our separate ways after I left for Denton way back in 2001. But our pregnancies brought us back together. We were only ~4 weeks apart in due dates so we pretty much were going to everything at the same time. It was nice to compare notes and be there for each other. Now, we get to do the same thing with our little boys. I hope Randon and Brady will be friends like Neelie and I were. They don't live in the same town, but hopefully we can get together often for play dates.

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