Sunday, November 18, 2012

8 months with Brady

Brady- 8 months
So, I’m a little late getting Brady’s 8 month post up, but that boy is keeping me extremely busy! He is non-stop all the time and the only reason I’m posting now is because he’s at his Meme & Pap’s house.
Here’s what Brady has been up to this past month:
*He weighs 19lb 3 oz.
*He eats 6 oz of formula with 1 tbsp of rice cereal per ounce of milk. He has 4 bottles a day.
*He’s a good eater, not picky so far. He used to spit his food when you’d feed him, I think he thought he was being funny, but it wasn’t too funny when it got all over the person feeding him.
*He takes Zantac for acid reflux twice a day, and has for several months. It really has helped with him spitting up.
*He crawls everywhere, sits up like a champ, and pulls up on everything.
*He can climb! He climbed out of our garden tub on his own.
*He’s getting very brave… He’s starting to let go and stand on his own a little bit (for very small amounts of time).
*He’s still a wiggle worm especially when you’re trying to change his diaper or put clothes on him.
*He’s not a cuddly baby at all. The only time I really get to cuddle with him is when he falls asleep in my arms.
*He likes to chew on his toes.
*He refuses to wear shoes, I know people probably think I’m a terrible mom or that we’re just redneck hillbillies, but the way I see it, in a few months he’ll have no choice but to wear shoes, so I let him enjoy going shoeless while he can.
*He always pulls his socks off when you put him in his car seat. It’s usually always the left sock and he likes to chew on his sock.
*He has 3 teeth. (two on bottom & one on top)
*He sleeps pretty well, unless he’s sick. After he turned 7 months, I decided it was time for him to sleep all night so I started letting him cry himself to sleep. None of us enjoyed that, but after about a week he was sleeping through the night. Unfortunately, last week he was sick, so when he’d wake up I’d put him in bed with us because I was afraid to leave him in his bed alone.
*He’s a very loud kid!
*It’ pretty easy to make him laugh.
* He wears nine and even a few 9-12 month clothes.
*He’s wearing a size 3 diaper.
*He loves his bathes.
*He’s still attached to his pacifier.
*He loves to be on the floor. He usually doesn’t want to be held.
*He loves to watch Wheel of Fortune! It’s the funniest thing, but he’ll stop what he’s doing to watch Wheel of Fortune.
*He is a very curios (or noisy) baby.
*He has the goofiest smile and expressions.
*He’s doing so well riding in the car now. It sure makes going places much more pleasant.
*Everyone always asks me is he always in a good mood, and he usually is. He’s getting to where he cries when you walk out of the room.
*He’s not afraid of anyone. He’ll let anyone hold him.
*His eyes are still blue.
*His hair is starting to get longer. It’s really frizzy. His hair is still very light.
*He has no problem at all with letting you know that he’s unhappy. He can throw some major fits.
*He is very impatient!*He loves to look at himself in the mirror.
Here’s Brady this month.
Standing on his own (holding the string for a little support).

Climbing on Daddy.

Showing off his big blue eyes.

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