Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quint Pregnancy- 28 wks!!!!

I'm 7 months pregnant with the quints!!!! What a blessing it is to finally make it to that big 28 week milestone we've been working towards. I know all the glory goes to God. I'm so thankful for all the people out there who are praying for us. I'm so blessed to be here at Baylor where everyone is taking such good care of me. I have not come across one person who hasn't treated me with the upmost respect and care. My nurses even gave me a cookie cake celebrating me making it to 28 weeks! They are seriously the sweetest people ever. As happy as I'll be to get out of the hospital and start enjoying my life again, I'm really going to miss all the ladies who have taken such good care of me the past (almost) 6 weeks.

This past week has been a lot tougher. I am getting more uncomfortable everyday. I'm having a harder time sleeping at night which really affects the rest of my day. Nights when I sleep well tend to lead to better days. I had my soon yesterday and all the babies still look good. Starting this week I'll have 2 sonos (on Tue & Fri). I'm also having my contractions monitored twice a day. So far everything still looks good even though I feel like I could pop at any moment. My weight gain  is concerning me. Last week I weighed 148 lbs and this week I weighed 149 lbs. It's getting harder to eat very much at a time and I always feel full. I drink several Boosts a day to try to get the nutrients needed for all the babies. Last weeks sono showed that the babies are growing well, I just have to keep trying to eat as much as I can to keep them fed and healthy. I'm having more contractions, but they are moderate and in an irregular pattern. I find that I'm starting to stress out about every little pain I have, I guess I know the end is getting closer and I really want to keep these babies inside me as long as I possibly can. My doc told me this past weekend that the longest they'll let me go in this pregnancy is 34 weeks. So at the most I have less than 6 weeks to go. I'm really hoping to make it to my goal of 30 weeks, but every day from here on is a blessing. For every day I stay pregnant means 3 less days the quints have to stay in the NICU. Every day is a blessing. All the babies are still very active, and they like to put on a show while I'm having a sono. My doctors decided I didn't need to have my blood sugar checked every day because I was never too high, so now they spot check my sugar levels once a day, Mon-Thur. My problem is keeping my sugar levels up, the past two days, I've been too low.

I haven't taken my 28 week picture yet. Hopefully I'll get that done before Sun.

Thank you all so much for all the prayers.


  1. So amazed by you! Keep cooking lil babies. I hope you get a few days in a row of good sleep.

  2. I am praying for you. I'm also a quint mama, so I know the power of all the prayers, and the comfort, peace, and strength they bring. My "babies are 7 now and I still keep in contact with some of my nurses. Your babies are blessed to have you as their mama. I'd be happy to correspond with you if you'd like.