Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quints Pregnancy- Gestational Diabetes

There is never, ever, ever, ever a dull moment in this pregnancy. Monday I did my glucose test and failed it (barely). So Wednesday, I had to do the three hour glucose test. They woke me up at 4am, took my blood, then I had to drink the yucky sugar juice. They came back at 5am, 6am, and 7am to take my blood. To pass the three hour test my blood levels had to be within the normal range on 3 of the 4 blood tests. Well, I only passed the first (baseline) test. So that means I have gestational diabetes.

The treatment plan is to watch how many carbs I eat each day. My dietician has been working with me everyday to teach me how many carbs are in the foods I eat and she helps me plan a menu that will work for me. Originally, my daily calorie intake was 2200. They check my blood at 6:30am, then I drink a Boost, around 8:30am I eat breakfast, two hours later, they check my blood again, then I eat a snack. I eat lunch around 11:30am-12:30pm, and they check my blood two hours later. Then I eat a snack, later I eat dinner, two hours later I have my blood checked and finally before I go to bed I drink another Boost. It's really hard to stay on such a strict schedule and remember how many carbs are in all the foods I eat. I'm so thankful I'm in the hospital so my nurses, doctors, and dietician can help me make good choices and stay on track.

I pains me to know I can't eat whatever I want; I'm a carb loving girl! I love bread and chips. To stay within my daily caloric intake I really have to watch what I eat. At breakfast, lunch, and dinner I can have 45g of carbs. 8 chips equals about 15g of carbs! I can probably eat 50 chips with salsa in one sitting!

I have a new found respect for people who live with diabetes on a daily basis. Diabetes is a disease that really changes your life. I'm sure once you become familiar with how many carbs are in foods and know how much you can eat to keep your blood sugar regulated it becomes easier to deal with but it's definitely something you have to stay on top of and become educated about.

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