Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mia's 1st Procedure

Last Wednesday, Mia was moved from Baylor Hospital to a different hospital in Dallas. The EMT's were very nice and allowed me to ride in the back of the ambulance with Mia. She did great. She never woke up the whole ride over there. Mia has her own room at the new hospital and the facility is very nice. On Thursday, they took her to the operating room, put her to sleep and put a scope down her throat to see what's going on. She has a narrow airway to the doc dilated a balloon to expand her airway. The procedure didn't last long and Mia handled it so well. When she came back to her room she was on a ventilator but came off it within an hour. She was on steroids which is never a good thing for Mia, she is a different baby on steroids. All-in-all, the procedure was a success. Mia is doing very well. The doctor told us that the procedure may need to be repeated a few more times. Hopefully they'll do it again early this week so Mia can go back to Baylor and be with her brother and sisters. Running between 2 hospitals has been tough. I'm ready for all of them to be in one place.

Since the procedure, Mia has been taking her bottle very well so that's encouraging news. Hopefully we can get her airway fixed and she'll be able to finish her feeding from a bottle and go home soon.

Please continue to keep Mia and the rest of our babies in your prayers. Brant is doing good and is getting ready to go home, but the girls aren't eating (from a bottle) like they should.

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  1. Praying for little Mia and all her sisters and brother.