Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quints EDD

Monday was my expected due date for the quints. It's hard to believe they arrived 11 weeks early. I have been looking back at the first pictures of them and they were so, so, so tiny. It's amazing how much they've grown over the past 11 weeks. To be so premature, the babies have done so well and continue to get bigger and stronger each day. Of course there's been hiccups along the way, but our quints are tough little rascals. Brant is getting ready to come home and we're working on the other girls taking their bottles and then they'll be ready to go home. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, life after the NICU, with excitement and nervousness. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.... pray that all the babies make it home soon and continue to have good health. Steven and I are praying that there will be a few good sleepers out of the group! :)

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