Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NYC....Here We Come!!!!

We’re leaving today to go to Dallas and spend the night so we can get up early in the morning and head to the airport. I am SO excited that our trip is finally here!!

There’s only one little glitch in our trip so far….the weather! It is supposed to rain every day we’re in the Big Apple…but have no fear….that’s why they invented rain gear! We both purchased a rain outfit yesterday so we’re ready! (We think.) It’s also supposed to be pretty cool while we’re there so instead of packing all shorts and tank tops…I’ve got blue jeans and sweatshirts. I’m determined to not let the weather get me down.

We’ve got tickets to see Wicked Thursday night and then after that we really don’t have any plans…we know there’s going to be a lot of walking around and sightseeing. I also want to eat a LOT of food while I’m there!!! I can’t wait!!!

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