Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Sigh of Relief

The kids are finally out for the summer! I have to go back to school tomorrow until noon then I’m officially done.

I have really enjoyed this group of kids and it was sad today to think that they are no longer my students….but I’m so happy to have a break. Teaching is such a rewarding career but it’s also an exhausting career. It is fun at times and then other times it can be very stressful.

But now its summer and I’m so excited! I have my trip to NYC in 14 days and then I’m going to Florida a few days after we get back from NYC!!! Fun, fun!!!!!



  1. Hey Michelle! Found your blog on Carmen's blog! You look great! Have a blast in NY and enjoy your summer!

    -Melissa Caughron

  2.! but only 3 1/2 more days for us. thank goodness! tier 2 makes for some LONG days! hope you're enjoying the first few days of summer!!!!!